Franchisee Monthly Reporting

Enter your numbers into the form below to report your performance each month.

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This will be your total revenue generated. This can be found in the software under "Dashboard" --> Choose "Last Month" and hover the cursor over the revenue box.


Include the total rent paid including NNN if applicable.
What was the total cost of employees (include payroll to owners) including payroll taxes. This does NOT include ADP software fees.
How much did you spend on Marketing, including service fee's for outside marketing companies.
This will include anything you spent money on outside of the items above.
These are the fees Stripe charges for payment processing and can be found in the software under "Payments" --> Select Last Month's Dates --> "Gateway Fees"

Membership & Trial Information

Only include members on a recurring membership.
Only include members who cancelled their recurring membership.
In the software, click "Users" --> Use the filter button to filter by "Active Members."
You should be keeping the new member price on your spreadsheet so you have an idea of how much a new member pays each month.