Your Adaptation Is Still Alive and Well

It’s incredibly easy to let the physical environment we are in influence how we perceive its ability to be effective. Honestly, it’s why I am pretty terrible at working out at home. I have a really hard time getting amped in my garage, music on low, without other people. Some thrive there. I don’t. Environment is most certainly personal but undoubtedly important. What I often focus on when I get stuck in that mindset is that ultimately, our physiological body doesn’t need our psychological mind to be on board. Progress can and will happen in spite of our inability to welcome it.

Adaptation is the goal of any fitness program, to create enough positive eustress on the body so that it forces it to physically transform because of it. Adaptation can occur through strength gains, reduction of body fat, improved endurance, larger muscles, smaller waistlines, or any other favorable performance or aesthetic goal that you may deem important for your personal goals.

Here are a training variables that can drive adaptation. Note that only a few are consistently needed in order to see very real progress.

Load – Progressively lifting more challenging weight over time.

Intensity – Doing as much work possible in as little time as possible.

Volume – Performing more of something progressively over time.

Density – Doing more work in less time.

The beauty of adaptation is that it doesn’t really care at all where this happens so I am guessing you can very likely see at least two that apply to you. Maybe you’re at the Bay Park gym classes and getting all four. Maybe you’re Offsite or at home with Grassroots and getting three out of four. You’re ahead of the game in any scenario.

If you want results from a program, you must force adaptation. What I know as person of knowledge in fitness is that adaptation can be forced in any environment society is currently allowing us. You just have to distill your fitness goals down their basic needs and see them for what they are: a collection of physical stressors that can be applied most anywhere.

I concede. We are definitely not able to grow your back squat max right now, but getting stronger, burning fat, and developing muscle are all very much in play. There’s still plenty of fitness good news left in the tank for us.


Tuesday, 7.28.20

14′ EMOM:
A: 12 Banded RKB Swing
B: 10 DB Floor Press

Swing Cleans
MB Slams
100m Run