You Need More Protein

Nearly ever person can benefit from more protein in their diet for a number of reasons, primarily due to the following:

–Protein increases your Thermic Effect of Eating, which is to say that you burn more calories by eating more protein. Because protein is the most challenging macronutrient to breakdown into energy, our body works harder to do so. This increases our caloric output.

–Protein supports lean body mass. When we have more muscle, our metabolism runs faster and again, we burn more calories. Bodies that are active and go to the gym are bodies that are constantly in need of muscle repair.

Shoot for around one gram per pound of bodyweight. If you find that you’re way underneath that, it just may be a small tweak that will pay huge dividends on your progress.


Wednesday, 3.20.19

In Teams of 3.
8 Rounds
3’ on / 1’ off

5 Plate GTOs
3 Lateral Plate Burpees

6 H2H Swings
6 KB Pull Throughs