Of the many CrossFit converts we get on a monthly basis, here are some of the areas in which they tell us is different from their previous gym.

  • Self Improvement vs. Competition – Your training will be much more focused on your improvement towards your goals, not improving your workout time. While we have competitive workouts a few times per month that do establish improvement benchmarks, “time” is not the overall focus of our training and we do not view your class time as a competitive sport.
  • Well Rounded Coaching – Your coaches here are made up of many disciplines. We have Team USA members, IPL Elite RAW powerlifters, RKC kettlebell instructors, and jiu jitsu competitors, as well as former body builders, Major League Baseball players, and collegiate rowers, volleyball, baseball and swim athletes.


  • We Focus on “Why” –  We place a large emphasis on educating our members. We spend ten minutes prior to each class going over why we do the movements, why the technique tips exist and why we’re after certain goals of the workout so you’re better equipped to improve.
  • You’ll Be Customized – We have three levels of progression for every workout, targeted to the complete first timer all the way up to the competitive athlete.
  • “No Pain, No Gain” is Not for Us – Our workouts are not programmed to inflict pain. They are designed to be challenging and productive towards your goals. We don’t think ripped open hands, vomiting or completing something quickly at the cost of safely is a badge of honor.
  • More Freedom Because we are truly independent and not affiliated with any corporate HQ, we get the freedom to follow our own training and development. We don’t face the yearly distraction of The Open to throw us off course, or take our focus to only the high performing athletes.