Why We Love the DB Snatch

The DB snatch has been one of our core movements since the inception of Performance360 back in 2012 for the following reasons.

Much Easier Movement on The Shoulder

For starters, we need to understand just how at-risk the shoulder can be in functional training.

In terms of anatomy, the shoulder is the most unstable joint in the body and also the most mobile. We’re going to say that one more time. The shoulder is the most unstable joint in the body and also the most mobile. Terrible combo. Thanks, God. Things can go south very easily when propelled overhead like the barbell version, because with two hands on the bell it makes it much more restrictive for the shoulder to move freely to accommodate the position. 

The result for someone without the requisite skill and mobility (90% of people) can be an acute injury to the shoulder, or low back. Why low back? When our shoulders are not mobile enough to receive a barbell overhead the compensation will always be made by the low back. It will hyperextend itself into position every time. 

Since the DB version is performed by a single shoulder, it is far easier to receive it overhead and most can actually perform MORE weight than with a barbell. Which is the entire point of strength training. 

Lateral Core Training

DB snatch are highly effective at training the obliques in a way that two-arm movements fail. By loading just one side of the body, it forces the body to have to brace and create an opposite side launch pad of sorts, from which we yield power. The obliques don’t get love unless we deliberately elect to provide it, and that’s not always in the form of twisting and rotating.

Single side training is one of the most effective ways we can do so. 

More Power

Since the DB version requires far less skill and technical development, we are able to train and express power much better and much more quickly. Most folks learning the barbell version are thinking about it so much that they move far too slowly to get any intended benefit. 

Alternative Muscle Development

The barbell is a great muscle building tool, so this section is not to suggest dumbbells are better, just different. And in the case of building muscle, different on your body is always a good thing as that’s how we continue to drive adaptation. With the dumbbells, this is delivered in the form of greater range of motion for the working muscle, thus, a greater recruitment for muscle growth.

Since most folks can move safer, with more coordination, more weight, and move more explosively with a dumbbell, it is the overwhelming more positive choice for fitness results.