Back in 2011, co-founder Dave Thomas envisioned a group fitness experience that contained all of the components people loved about functional fitness, but without the focus on competition. The strength training that people wanted without the hardcore culture that most hated. 

In addition to refusing to define fitness by the time of your workout, Dave added components that focused on traditional muscle building, creating a unique recipe of physique-focused strength training found nowhere else in the world. 

For the past 12 years, the Performance360™ methodology has maintained its commitment to movements and workouts that are designed to build your body and strength, without the burnout that comes from the alternative of “WODs”, or the plateaus that occur at treadmill studios.


Our PSC Program

The Performance360™ program is the only program in group fitness that evenly balances Physique, Strength, and Conditioning to yield a complete, holistic training program. The result for you is a program that gets you stronger and leaner without feeling constantly beat up, yet always challenged. 

Rotating Cycles

Never random. Always on purpose. Classes are delivered in four-week cycles that all utilize different themes, movements, benchmark workouts, and main areas of focus. This provides you the structure and repetition you need to get results, and the variety to always keep things interesting. 

Specific Daily Focus

No day is like the one before it, and everyday has a specific bias. Each week has (2) STRENGTH days that feature a dedicated barbell lift, (2) CONDITIONING days where you will develop targeted aspects of your fitness within a longer workout, and (1) PHYSIQUE day where the goal is focused muscle development. The result is group fitness’ most well rounded training program on the market.