Performance360 Dave Thomas CEO Performance360 Franchise Group


The Performance360™ program was developed by co-founder Dave Thomas. Back in 2011, Dave envisioned a better group fitness experience that was based on developing abilities through proven principles – not gimmicks.

With many programs being singularly focused on cardio or weightlifting, Dave built the P360 program to help members reach their goals with a hybrid approach that includes elements of barbell strength training, athletic physique development, and the right amount of conditioning intensity to burn fat.

The P360 program is influenced by Dave’s 15 year fitness career and industry credentials, which have included the CSCS designation and full certifications from the OPEX CCP program, USA Weightlifting, International Sports Science Association, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Precision Nutrition, StrongFit, CrossFit, and Onnit. 


4-Way Strength

Where many programs focus on a single, narrow discipline, the P360 program develops your strength through four capacities. ABSOLUTE barbell strength. EXPLOSIVE athletic strength. RELATIVE bodyweight strength. FUNCTIONAL life mirroring strength. A complete, well-rounded you. 

Rotating Cycles

Never random. Always on purpose. Classes are delivered in four-week cycles that all utilize different themes, movements, benchmark workouts, and main areas of focus. This provides you the structure and repetition you need to get results, and the variety to always keep things interesting. 

Specific Daily Focus

No day is like the one before it, and everyday has a specific bias. Each week has (2) STRENGTH days that feature a dedicated barbell lift, (2) SKILL days where you will develop targeted aspects of your fitness within a longer workout, and (1) BUILD day where the goal is focused muscle development. The result is fitness’ most well rounded training program on the market.