What’s The Name of Your Game?

I believe that the people who have the healthiest relationship with nutrition and fitness are those with unwavering clarity on what their intentions are with their efforts. Note that I didn’t say, “those that work the hardest” or “those with the best results.” Ultimately, it’s a matter of brutal honesty with what you want out of fitness and the universal truth for all is that the less clear you are with your intentions, the more frustrated you’ll be with your outcomes. It’s the dating version of not knowing what you want.

For example, someone who decides they want to get to single digit body fat will be able to very clearly know what their life will look like. Fitness and nutrition will be their main priority. Weekend drinks with friends? Pizza Sunday? Probably not happening with that goal. The name of their game is strict discipline to the task at hand.

Take another person who likes where they are with their health and fitness, doesn’t want to lose it, but doesn’t need to see any major improvement (yes, that’s okay). Their lifestyle may allow for such indulgences and it’s not “cheating”. The name of their game is balance. What those in the paragraph above deem a setback, these folks see as part of the plan.

Everyone is different, but to ignore that conversation with yourself is probably constantly be frustrated and lost with an approach that will make you happy. Take some time and honestly answer: what’s the name of your game? Is it to be as shredded as possible? Is it to love the body you’re in and enjoy life? Or is it a plot on the graph somewhere in between that’s all your own? Only you can determine that, and once you know, it’s easy for your actions, and subsequently a healthy relationship with food and fitness, to consistently follow suite.


Thursday, 8.13.20

Bay Park & OB PSC

First, for Strength:
6 Z Press
(x12 Min)

Then, for 10 Rounds:
6 Hang Cleans
6 MB Slams
6 Squat Jumps
(14′ Cap)

Pacific Beach PSC

3×8′ on / 3′ off

10 Goblet Squat Cleans
15 High Plank Kickouts
10 Half Rack Step-Ups
15 SL V-Ups

4 Devil’s Press
8 DB Push Press
10 FR Side Lunges
12 Toe Taps

20 Lunge Jumps
80m Run
20 Skaters
100m Run
20 Squat Jumps
150m Run