When you join Performance360™, you can expect the following benefits:

Performance360 Group Fitness Gym

You’ll no longer struggle to build strength & muscle.

We’re not your ordinary cardio fest of non-stop movement just to make you sweat. We want you to focus on building, not burning. Every workout features a tier dedicated to developing your strength and athletic physique.

Performance360 Imperial Beach #1 Gym Group Fitness

You’ll no longer struggle with motivation.

Our training experience is team-centric. You’ll pursue your own goals and your own workout, but always with the help and motivation of people just like you.

Performance360 Group Fitness

You’ll no longer wonder if you’re doing it right.

Our team is hands-on and takes pride in ensuring your movement is proper and that you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Performance360 Coach Academy

You’ll no longer do random workouts.

Our training is structured into daily focuses organized in 5wk cycles, meaning every workout has a specific purpose towards a micro goal. Random workouts = random results, and we don’t like that.

Regular social events.

Many of our members move here from out of town and find that P360 is a great place to meet others.

Performance360 Imperial Beach #1 Gym Group Fitness

Unlimited location access.

Membership always includes access to every Performance360 location in one seamless app.