What to Expect When Classes Resume?

Dear Community,

We are so excited to announce that we will be re-opening in full on Monday, June 15th at all three locations! Please take a moment to read all about how we will be safely COVID-19 modified, how we will be serving our community, and what is expected of you as a member.

Prior to getting to all of the details, I want to caution you on your expectations. Many of you have already reached out to me and asked, “How are you guys going to get everyone in every single day?” and my answer is direct, honest, and realistic.

We probably aren’t.

Please be prepared to adjust how you view coming to the gym the first few weeks. Everything from your frequency, time, and location while we navigate the requirements we must abide by. While I view this as a temporary adjustment we will ultimately be able to lessen and remove, there is no doubt we need everyone’s best effort and understanding that this is no one’s ideal, perfect scenario for a gym for now. To hold us to your standard of pre-March would be a mistake and an unfair expectation of what we can realistically provide right now.

That said, our set-up is going to be excellent given the circumstances, we are going to rock this shit, and we are going to bend over backwards in giving you a first rate experience.


(FREE) Grassroots Continuance

For those of you who won’t be ready to return to the gym, we are pleased to announce FREE Grassroots access to all active members! To read about it and to get access, go here.

It will also be available for $49 per month if you wish to switch to it exclusively and not have gym access (email us).

“What to Bring Checklist”

  • Mask – Required (may be removed for the workout)
  • Individual Sweat Towel – Required
  • Individual Water Bottle – Optional
  • Liquid Chalk or Tactical Gloves – Optional
  • Your Own BB, DB, or KB – Optional

More details on all of this below.


**You will not be permitted into the gym without a mask.**

They will be required for entering the gym and must stay on up until the workout starts.  They will not be required for the actual performance of the workouts and may be removed at that time. Upon completion of your workout, you will be asked to place your mask back on as you clean your area and exit the gym.


Everyone will be required to complete a new waiver prior to your first class, either in digital (below) or paper version (in gym).

Please complete it online, here.

Listen To Your Coaches

Make sure you are tuned into all class directions. There will not be any wasted words or instructions, and everything they tell you will be important to class flow and to the workout.

Individual Workout Zones

We have our gyms mapped out with social distancing at the forefront of operations. Each individual in a class receives their own dedicated, sanitized workout zone that is 100 – 120 square feet. The ensures a distance of approximately 8 – 12 feet between you and your “neighbor” at all times.

You will keep all of your personal items inside your square during the workout.

Individual Equipment

You will gather your own equipment for every workout, never sharing or touching the same equipment as someone else. After class, it is sanitized with hospital grade virucide spray so you can rest assured you are coming to class and using clean equipment. You are also welcome to bring in your own barbell, kettlebell or dumbbells to any class if you prefer. While we have more than enough equipment for everyone and strict policies in place to ensure their hygiene, we know you may feel better using your own.


Be prepared to use either a 35# or 45# barbell. They will placed in your zone and they are not to be moved.

Attendance Cap

Every class will be be reduced by 40-60% capacity so that we adhere to social distancing guidelines and allow only the amount that will allow us to follow CDC guidelines. This nets out to a class size of roughly 12-16 people.

Please prepare to be flexible with your frequency, location, and everything you know about attending the gym. I would caution you against the assumption you’re going to easily be able to hit five workouts a week at the exact time you desire. This is a temporary new world, and we all need to be prepared for that.

50′ Classes

In order to execute a class cap that is 40-60% of what we were used to, we are adjusting the flow of workouts to be concentrated into 50 minute class slots to allow us for more class slots throughout the day. With classes shortened by 10 minutes, we will also have more class times available at every location. Workouts will not be sacrificed. We’ll make up the 10 minutes with condensed walkthroughs, warm-ups, and elimination of “re-huddle” between tiers.

Class Schedule

While individual locations may contain more of these times than others, this is what our full slate of classes will look like.

6:00 am
6:50 am
7:40 am
8:30 am (PB only)

10:50 am
11:40 am 

3:00 pm (PB only)
3:50 pm
4:40 pm
5:30 pm
6:20 pm
7:10 pm

Please keep in mind that we will not know what attendance looks like until classes resume, and once we see demand, we will likely make adjustments.

So we ask that you please not get too married to your desired class time, as it may change to optimize efficiency.

No-Show Penalty

You will be charged $10 for registering to a class and not showing up. This will enter a gym fund that will go towards supplies, equipment, etc. Please don’t ever make us enforce this and just be a considerate member of the community.


If you are late to class, you lose the reservation that you made and it will be given away to someone on the wait list.

Specialty Classes & Open Gym

We will be starting with all PSC classes until we can get a firm handle on the new operation and assess schedule demands.

Open Gym will be available to start in a limited capacity on Saturday at Bay Park. Sign ups will be required. It will gradually be expanded to other locations.


If you are concerned that ~30 minutes will “not be enough”, please don’t be. Frankly, this is where we thrive and how our gym first developed. Driving adaptation where others might not be able to. Your 30 minute total work duration will be efficient and highly effective. We will perform strength lifts with great regularity, lean on short but highly intense conditioning a bit more, and still include plenty of variety in both duration, intensity, and movement prescription.

4-Layer Cleaning Approach

Never thought I would be excited to share our cleaning approach, but #2020.

The hygiene of the gym will be our single biggest priority as we re-open. We have added suppliers and expanded our budget to meet modern needs. We have partnered with an independently owned company based in Oregon, owned by a former San Diego Navy SEAL, and all products are certified by the EPA as effective against the Coronavirus.

We will deploy a four layered protective system centered around a “weekly-nightly-hourly” approach. It will be updated as needed based on frequency demand.

Base Layer:
Our gyms have been a commercially graded rubber mat sealant that helps seal out virus, fungus, and bacteria from falling into the cracks and crevices of the rubber.

Performance360 COVID Compliant Gyms San Diego

Layer 2 (Weekly):
Multiple times per week, the gym will professionally deep cleaned, scrubbed, and disinfected wall to wall.

Layer 3 (Nightly):
Every single night, the gym will be sprayed down with an EPA Coronavirus certified, hospital grade virucide disinfectant that is left to soak and dry overnight, presenting members with a disinfected clean slate daily.

Performance360 COVID Compliant Gyms San Diego

Layer 4 (Hourly):
Every quadrant of workout zones has full bottles of EPA Coronavirus certified, hospital graded virucide spray that will be required by all members to be used immediately following the workout for the purposes of sanitizing individual workout zones and equipment within them. This process will be supervised and ensured by our coaches.

Performance360 COVID Compliant Gyms San Diego

To view the products being used, click here.

Movement Lanes

There will be taped off and guided one-way lanes to move about the gym for when you need to get water, use the bathroom, or change out equipment, ensuring you never walk into someone’s workout zone and never have to wonder which way to go. These lanes help keep all distancing guidelines in tact.

Class Appointment Only

Class registration has always been required and will continue to be. If you do not register, and show up to a full class you will be sent away with zero exceptions. Registration process will be as it always has been.

No-Show Penalty

You will be charged $10 for registering to a class and not showing up. This will enter a gym fund that will go towards supplies, equipment, etc. Please don’t ever make us enforce this and just be a considerate member of the community.


If you are late to class, you lose the reservation that you made and it will be given away to someone on the wait list.

Appropriately Distanced Coach

Your coach will never enter your workout zone without permission and is prepared to coach you from a safe distance using auditory and visual cuing.

Water + Restrooms (Changing)

We want all members to come with their water bottles filled. We will no longer be supplying community cups of any kind as to not run the risk of accidental contamination, and to reduce constant trips to the fountain. The water fountain will still be available but it’s use should be reserved for if you run out, not to fill up when you arrive.

Restrooms are still readily available. The shower at Bay Park is still available.

Please do your best to arrive in workout clothes. Changing is not part of our class flow, and though certainly allowed, will potentially disrupt your class experience.

Common Equipment

We will program workouts to involve the rig and rings in a creative class flow that still allows single usage. Their implementation will be minimal to start so that we can ensure a successful COVID-19 adjusted operation.


You may absolutely bring your own chalk so long as it is the liquid chalk variety. Another great option are Mechanix tactical gloves.

Powdered chalk is not permitted.

Individual Towel Required

For cleaning up your sweaty hard work.

Dedicated Entry and Exit Points for Each Gym

All three gyms with have their own entry and exit doors. Each entry door will have a hand sanitizer pump that you’ll use before entry.

Tying It All Together

Here is how you can envision your experience while we must manage social distancing as a community.

0:00 You show up to class fully changed, you walk in the gym with your mask on and apply one pump of hand sanitizer at the dedicated entry point. Your coach says hello to you from a safe distance. You find an open workout zone and you stand in it. There is already a barbell in your zone ready for you individual use. You are free to interact with anyone you like from an acceptable social distance. Once in your zone, you may remove your mask.

0:00 – Your coach performs the walkthrough at the front of the room for all to see. You may begin actively warming up during the walkthrough.

0:05 Upon walkthrough completion, your coach will instruct you to gather your equipment needed.

0:10 Warm up.

0:15 Workout begins. You may gather/exchange whatever weight you need throughout the workout.

0:40 Workout ends. Place your mask back on.

0:40 – 0:45 Mandatory spray down of your station and your equipment.

0:45 Wash your hands. Exit the gym.

Next class enters. Rinse. Repeat.

When you need to get water, exchange weight, or use the restroom simply follow the one-way marked paths around the gym.

Unlimited Memberships

We will not be selling Unlimited memberships to the public to start to manage class flow, and we will also not be allowing multiple classes per day (they are all the same to start anyways). If you wish to adjust your membership accordingly, you of course may at any time. The last thing we want is for you to be frustrated at class availability at the onset, so rather than complain to us about something we cannot provide, please instead just adjust your membership to reflect what you can attend.


Free class trials will be temporarily suspended so that our members have exclusive access to the gym. If non-members wish to join, they may do so online when we open enrollment and gradually allow slow access to new members.

“What to Bring Checklist”

  • Mask – Required
  • Individual Sweat Towel – Required
  • Individual Water Bottle – Optional
  • Liquid Chalk or Tactical Gloves – Optional
  • Your Own BB, DB, or KB – Optional

One Final Note…

Don’t bring negativity in here. These are the cards we have been dealt that extend beyond our control, so we don’t want our coaching staff dealing with gripes they can’t fix. Our coaches will be doing their best to provide you quality training and a first class experience with emphasis on safety and professionalism. So please, help us by rolling with the punches and adapting to this rather than fighting what we can’t alter.

In Summary

I am sure that all may feel a little overwhelming, but I can assure you it will take about a week to get used to before it’s just the new pre-class routine for as long as it needs to be. We feel very good about the measures we’ve gone to establishing what we feel will lead the micro gym industry from a standpoint of responsibility of environment, implementation of CDC guidelines, and quality of training.



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