What Can I Expect from an ‘Aerobic’ CONDITIONING Focus?

During this current cycle, we earmark Thursdays for dedicated aerobic focus, meaning you can expect workouts to skew on the longer end of our P360 spectrum (which is still comparably short to most other cardio focused concepts).

At the risk of oversimplifying, there are two types of fitness focuses: aerobic and anaerobic, with the latter being the more intense, hit it and quit it style of sprint pace like a density or interval workout. We’ll save those benefits for later, instead focusing on what we’re doing in the now: aerobic work.

Aerobic work is slightly less complicated and can be summarized as longer duration training at lower intensity where oxygen is the primary fuel source to our muscles.

Training benefits include:

  • Fat Oxidation — We use fat as a fuel source.
  • Tidal Volume — The amount of air we can take into our lungs.
  • Capillary Density — Basically, how quickly we can put oxygen to use.
  • Metabolic Efficiency –– How well we use fat as a fuel source in future training sessions.
  • Bodybuilding Opportunity –– At lower intensities and often higher reps, our aerobic focused workouts are excellent at building muscle despite the misnomer of being labeled “aerobic.”

Like it or not, aerobic training is fitness foundation that should be maintained throughout our entire lives. If you have poor aerobic abilities, you will never truly be fit – just skilled at working out. Own your aerobic work.