We’ve got a long one today and frankly…it’s your guys’ fault.

Pritz and I were talking the other day and we honestly feel like Wayne and Garth when they meet Steven Tyler Aerosmith in the green room.

That’s the feeling I often get when I take a step back and realize the amazing progress that our members have made over the last near three months.  It’s incredible and we seriously bow down to you guys.

It’s easy to expect people to show up regularly and work hard because obviously I enjoy the gym and it’s more than a built-in part of my life, it’s my job.  Considering you guys have regular jobs and are often working eight hours a day it’s unbelievably impressive that you come in four, even two or one day a week and make the progress you’re currently making.

Dee Nipper, Carol Parma, Letty Young, Kutay Elgimez, Allison Fitzgerald, Brenda Morrison and Tracey Ruane are a group of 40/50+ ladies that truly inspires.  Dee and Carol have each lost 20 pounds of fat! They can deadlift over 100 pounds for reps, do pull-ups on their own and are among the most physically capable women in the gym…oh, and they’re each over 40 years old.

Dee has lost 23 pounds and look at the weight she pulls at 52 years young!

Danny Scott has lost 25 pounds in a month thanks to nothing but hard work and commitment to clean eating.

Ann Marie Smith has increased her strength by 15-20 pounds on all exercises and leaned out very noticeably.

Brandon Flora has lost eight pounds of fat, replaced it with lean muscle, increased his 5-rep deadlift by over 100 pounds (345 lbs) and holds the P360 overall record for “The 600” (15:05).

Matt Nipper fights all kinds of ailments, gets here regularly and knocks out pull-ups better thas his counterparts half his age.

Jacquelyn Molino managers her busy job and triathlon distance training with strength training in here three to four times per week and most recently placed Top-5 in the SD International Sprint Tri.

Jacquelyn knocking out full pull-ups with no band assistance

Robbie Davis has leaned out substantially and hang cleaning over 200 pounds, deadlifting 300+ and pressing 150.

Tim Kuzmuk has increased his 5-rep deadlift 90 pounds (225 lbs) and dropped over 11 pounds of fat in the process.

Tyler Chernack’s strength has increased across the board in squats, deadlifts, push press and bench press – now repping his bodyweight in many exercises, while also setting the gym record in pull-ups (27).

Alex Vekich has doubled her squat weight and most recently squatted 115 pounds for 15 reps, a P360 female record!

Alex squatting 115 pounds for 15 reps!

Amy Turner graduated from barbell to weighted deadlifts faster than any female at the gym.

Rachelle Rulenz puts on a clinic on how to deadlift, clean and press as good as any female in the gym and shows that being strong and lean can both be achieved.

Sean Mackin box jumps 40″, increased his 3-rep deadlift to 385 pounds and is the most consistent morning member.

Valerie Henry has lost 8 pounds in her first month (last we heard) and is quickly and noticeably increasing her strength.

Heather Dentz is probably the smallest member we will ever have and can move more weight than most other girls, can do a complete full pull-up and press 55 lbs.

Jason Weber has lost 20 pounds of fat and increased his 3-rep deadlift max 100 pounds (405 lbs), a P360 record.

Web pulling 405 pounds for 3 reps

Yashar Norhashemi has dropped at least 15 pounds of fat and increased his strength roughly 30% across the board, as well as his box jump by a foot.

Chris Sieberkrob (weight loss unknown) has changed the composition and make-up of his body as much as any other male at P360 and increased his squat and deadlift in the process.

Andrew Dallman has increased his strength by 40% and recomposed his body by dropping fat and replacing it with muscle.

Lise Milano has lost almost 15 pounds in 7 weeks.

Kristen Petersen has lost 7 stubborn pounds and has squatted 155 pounds, a female P360 record!

Marissa Dubolino dropped over 15 pounds at one point with me and committed to her diet more consistently than any person I’ve ever trained.

Nick Cadiente has increased his strength 30% on deadlifts and become noticeable more lean in a few short weeks.

Ian Sells has dropped weight and increased strength, working through previous knee and back issues only to look better than ever.

Mike Helms comes in he moves man-sized weight with minimal effort.

Catherine Malone has seen her squat rep max go up to 85 pounds.

Missy Hodle saw her leg and core strength just about double, her body melt away fat and is one of our most consistently attending members.

Missy reverse lunges with the 25. lb. bag

Hillary Green came to Surf n’ Turf Boot Camps with a previous back injury and is working her way towards better core strength, health and posture.

Nikki Hass has increased her strength, developed arguably the most toned female arms, crushes all runs and gives the best high fives at the gym.

Kristin Spitz would give Nikki a run for her money in the toned-arms category and completes Surf n’ Turf Boot Camps as fast as any boot camper.

Anthony Webster came in with very lofty goals and is fast picking up deadlifts, kettlebell swings and variety of tough exercises.  He has gone from beginner to intermediate at a fast pace and we’re excited to his development.

Rick Dengler absolutely demolishes his male counterparts in sprints and also happens to be the oldest male member.  He cleans, deadlifts, squats and presses a growing amount of weight and is a great example of just gettin’ it done even with a full plate of work and family responsibility.  Rick proves there are NO EXCUSES.

Chris Cisek has lost eight pounds in 13 days.

Andrea O’Donnell has dropped over 20 POUNDS ON HER OWN in the last four months, looking absolutely fantastic and getting stronger by the session at P360.

Lee Alcorn came in with no formal weight training experience and quickly saw his squats and deadlifts creep over 100 pounds while “feeling incredible”.

Aly Rea has changed her body as dramatically as any member and looks amazing.  Her strength is going up and we expect big things from her in her first sprint triathlon coming up!

Laura Stomber commutes from downtown to train for her triathlon and has seen her most recent marathon time cut in half by a near HOUR, is up to 105 lb. squats for 10 reps and owns the female record in “The 600” (16:57).

Laura squatting 105 pounds for 10 reps!

HD has been here a full month and missed one Surf n’ Turf, a 96% attendance rate.

Dana Olson has taken a runner’s background and excelled at a lot of the more complex weight training exercises, posting a sub-20 “600” time.

Billy Votava makes weight training for guys who are 6’5″ look easy.  I would challenge most men that tall to knock out over 50 pistol squats like he has done and all with a commute that involves the 5.

Jen Baker went from a complete beginner to comfortably squatting in a just a few short sessions.

Rob Foresta started triathlon training with us a few short weeks and already had days where’s he finished faster than any other member.

Andy Bayon trained strength for his marathon and completed it in ~3:20.  His strength has sky rocketed and he remains the best male runner at the gym.

Briana Robertson has increased her squats by 37% and is becoming more toned and lean by the week.

What we’re trying to say is,

“We see you.”

We see, notice and are impressed by every improvement.  There is no achievement that goes unnoticed at P360 and we want you guys to know that the effort is appreciated and what you guys have done with us in three months is nothing short of amazing.

With a full line-up of new faces on trial, we are really excited about adding many more names to this list of personal accomplishments.

Imagine where you’ll be in three more months?

Thanks for making our job truly enjoyable day in and day out every time we see the collective group finished and tired after giving it maximum effort.


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