WED: “We’re All Marco from Tropoja”

(Wednesday’s workout is posted below.)

Look, there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who think Taken is awesome, and those who are stupid. In the Liam Neeson action flick, there is a scene that I always think of whenever someone at the gyms asks me what coach wrote a certain workout, who’s idea it was to implement ______, or any other question that seeks to singularly identify someone. Liam is at the table standing over the traffickers and he’s trying to get to the bottom of who’s in charge. He’s trying to find Marco, from Tropoja. Dancing around the questions, the men at the table begin to answer that they are ALL Marco from Tropoja.

In my mind, our staff operates in the same manner. While I am most of the time willing to answer an offhand question about the gym when I’m present, the reality is that some perceive that I am the only person who can do so. Truth be told, I don’t even like promoting the fact that I do the programming because it sometimes creates the perception for some of you that I’m the only person you can ask a question about it if I’m in the room. Occasionally, I’ll be participating in a workout when someone will ask me mid-set for a modification, coaching tip, or how to do the movement.

This concept similarly arises when it comes to our staff knowledge acquisition. We have a staff of thirteen, so it makes sending every coach to every continuing education impossible from a budgetary standpoint. So, we have a system. A coach or coaches attend, share the knowledge upward, and it gets disseminated outward. No one hoards. The buffet is always open.

We are all unique in our own right as coaches, and each available to offer something different to you. Some of us have been coaching for longer, some of us are just getting started. When someone says to me that not all coaches are alike, I couldn’t be happier. It means we’ve let people be individuals and let the laws of attraction freely take place, not suppress them through uniformity.

We are all different, yet we are all united around the same conceptual coaching knowledge and at the end of the day, we’re all Marco from Tropoja.


Wednesday, 12.13.17

First, for Structure.
20m Sandbag Lunge
5/s 1-Leg DB RDL
10 Max Distance Power Strokes
(Complete 3 Rounds in 10 Minutes)

Then, for Strength.
Complete 1 set every 3 minutes for 15 minutes.
3 Hang Power Snatch @ 60-80%
20” Hollow Hold

To Finish:
1 Shuttle Run