Monday, 6/6

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*From Coach Brenna’s “How to Increase You Back Squat”: “..Having a bigger squat will translate to increased performance across the board (and a more voluptuous bum), even in lifts where it seems your legs aren’t as important since all of our power is generate from the lower half.

The squat can aid in:

  • Developing a strong posterior chain that allows you to better extend your hips. Hip extension = power.
  • Strong quads to aid in sprinting and jumping.
  • A solid core to hold weight without collapsing and maintain isometric holds.
  • Creating a stronger back for all of your pulling/pushing and rowing exercises.

The following will take you quickly through the squat, from the set-up to re-racking the weight. It is by no means all-inclusive, but hopefully will provide some hints and tips to help you increase your back squat…”

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“Rick Vaughn”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Back Squat

First, for Strength & Muscle.
5×5 Back Squat @ 50-75%

Then, for Fat Loss & Conditioning
Jacob’s Ladder KB Complex
100m Run
(x12 Min)


Phase 1 Progressions: (~0 – 90 Days)
Back Squats:
5×10 Goblet Squats

Advanced Development: (~2+ Years)
Back Squats: 31×2 Tempo Squats, 5×3


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Warm Up Progressions:
10 Light Front Squats
10 Strict DB Press
Main movement:
2 Front Squat Squat-to-Split Jerk @ 80%    Beginners: 2 Front Squat-to-Push Press (Jerk)
Accessory work:
15 Band Tricep Pushdowns
5/s Alternating Pistol Squats
1 min Wall Sit  → Advanced: Single-Leg Wall Sits 30”/side

Tuesday, 6/7

Daily News and Notes:


*Why is There a Pre-Req for Hang Snatch? There is no movement as demanding on the total body mobility and stabilization as the snatch (save for the Overhead Squat). You cannot simply hop into this movement and expect to succeed. You must build up the mobility in your shoulders, strength in your trunk and power and speed.

*How to Do Better Pull-Ups:

  1. Imagine pulling the bar “down” to your chest, don’t pull yourself “up”. This is similar to driving your feet through the floor on a deadlift, it’s a psychological device to shift perspective of a movement that promotes muscle recruitment.
  2. Keep your eyes on the horizon, straight ahead. Looking up is the common mistake here. This essentially turns your pull-up more into a row. Your hips always follow your neck.  You know how we are always telling you not to look up on pushups because your hips will sag?  Same thing here, only your body is vertical and not horizontal. If you look up, as you ascend your hips will shift forward causing you to recruit more bicep and less lats and kinetically it “turns off” a lot of muscle activation.  As with anything “looking up”, it creates cervical hyperextension which can lead to a host of bad strains or injuries.  Never do this.  Ever.  On anything.
  3. “Tuck” elbows behind you. As if your back were 6 inches away from a wall, press your elbows passed your frame and touch that wall with your elbows to maximize lat activation to finish each rep.

Read the full article.


“Lou Brown”
Format: E.M.O.M + Circuit
Tracking: You Call It

10 Min. Partner EMOM
5 DB Snatch

30 Burpees
25 Pull-Ups
20 MB Slams
15 Strict DB Press
10 10” Halfway Push-Up Holds
500m Farmer Walk


Phase 1 Progressions: (~0 – 90 Days)
DB Snatch
DB Muscle Snatch
BurpeeBurpee Progressions

Advanced Development: (~2+ Years)
DB Snatch Hang Snatch
Pull-Ups Weighted
Strict DB Press HSPU
Push-Up Holds Dip Holds


6 pm (CP)

80m Partner Farmers Walk
3x (TF) KB Front Squat
Next, Start with A or B:
Superset A:
8-11 (TF)  BB Good Mornings
8-11 (TF)  KB Row
(TF) Band Pull-Throughs

Superset B:
8-11 (TF) DB Supinating Floor Presses
8-11 (TF) Standing Plate Crush Press
(TF) Weighted Bench Dips

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

Format: 50:40:30:20:10
Floor Wipers
Plate Glute Bridge
Slow Bicycles
Plyo Skaters
OH KB Swings

500m Run after each round

Wednesday, 6/8

Daily News and Notes:


*Hang Clean Speed – Speed under the bar is equal in importance to securing the barbell in a proper rack position. This is extremely important and becomes most apparent at the bottom of the clean. This is the point in the clean that the barbell will have the greatest amount of momentum directed downwards, when you are dropping under and catching. This is also the position in which the torso will be slightly inclined forwards, in order to front squat under the bar. If the elbows fail to turn over fast enough, you will have difficulties recovering out of that deep front squat position. If the elbows are sub-optimal in a front rack position (pointed down, rather than creating a secure shelf for the bar) the barbell will pull the athlete down and forward resulting in a missed lift.

Think of your elbows as the steering wheels and must steer you upward, not forward!

How to Fix it: Try not to keep a death grip on the barbell for too long. Once the barbell makes contact with the shoulders, release your grip and let your finger tips guide the barbell in place.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP


“Willie Hays”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Hang Clean, Clean & Jerk

First, for Strength & Power.
5×5 Hang Clean @ 50 – 70%

10 Push Jerk
10 RKB Swings
10 V-Ups
100m Row
80m Run
(x15 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Hang Clean
Hang Muscle Cleans
Push Jerk DB Push Press
Tier 2 20 Minutes

Advanced Progressions
Hang Clean 5×2 Clean & Jerk


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Warm Up:
10/s BW Reverse Lunges
10 BB Curls
Main Movement:
5 x 3 Zercher Squats @ 60-70% 1 RM Back Squat        Beginners: 5 x 3 Front Squats
1 min Banded Marching
15 Plate Bridges
(1 min rest)

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

Warm Up:
10 Cossack Squats
10 Hindu Push Ups
10 V-Ups
Double Clean>Squat>Press
Pull Ups (Weighted Optional)
x15m or when this group finishes, if before 15m.
12 Paloff Press
12 Renegade Row
12 Reverse Plank March (Slow, from hands)
200m Run
100 One arm Swings

Thursday, 6/9

Daily News and Notes:


*The Case for Power Training:

Power sport performance circuits accomplish the following.

  • A power influenced circuit significantly increase your Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), or “afterburn”.  During a power/strength included circuit your body uses a lot of oxygen both during and following the workout.  EPOC is your body’s attempt to return to its normal state by increasing the rate of oxygen intake and along with other metabolic factors, our rate of burning fat increases anywhere from 24 – 48 hours.
  • Slow and steady cardio produces no EPOC.  What little fat burning you are engaging during a long run ceases immediately upon cooling down. Take a look at amateur distance runners.  Most tend to store body fat around their midsection because of the catabolic nature of engaging just the third energy system: Aerobic Glycolysis.  There just aren’t that many strong, ripped, athletic distance runners.
  • Maximal and near maximal output rely on Type-II muscle fibers which are the athletic, fast-twitch fibers that are responsible for strength and aesthetics.


“Pedro Cerrano”
Format: Athletic Circuit
Tracking: You Call It

4×7’/2’ Intervals.
5 ½ Burpees + 10 Rope Waves
5/s Plyo Skaters
10 Spiderman Push-Ups
10 American Sit Up Complex
1/s TGU
1 in 1 Out Ladder Drill
40m Backpedal → Run


Beginner Modifications:
Spiderman Push-Ups 10 Kneeling Push-Ups + 10 Spiderman Crunches
American Sit-Up Complex 10 ASU + 10 Curtsy Lunge

Advanced Progressions:


5:30 – PB

3×5 Box Squat (Heavy)
3×5 Sumo Deadlift (75-85%)

Next, Start with A or B:
Superset A:
8-11 (TF) DB Arnold Press
8-11 (TF) Around the World DB Lateral Raises
(TF) Lateral Flutters

Superset B:
8-11 (TF) Pull Ups
8-11 (TF) Wide Grip Barbell Row
(TF) OH Raise Plate Raise

7a – CP

300m Row
50 Explosive Step-Ups
20 Seated Oblique Twists
300m Run
30 Mountain Rows
100 Lateral Plate Hops (50/s)
30 Pendulum Swings
500m Run
(x30 Min)

To Finish:
200 ab reps, coach’s call

(4 movements x 50 reps each)

Friday, 6/10

Daily New and Notes:


*BreathingHow you breath no your deadlifts today is very important. Since we are in the midst of a circuit at relatively fast pace, you cannot be huffing and puffing when you get up to the bar. Take a few seconds to gather your wind, and execute every rep exactly as follows (click to watch a brief tutorial).


“Roger Dorn”
Format: 3-Tier
Tracking: You Call It

8 Deadlifts @ 40%
3 Chin-Ups
6 DB Push Press
100m Run
(x15 Min)

30 Hell Trots

To Finish,
800m Run


Beginner Modifications:
Hang Cleans Hang Muscle Cleans
100m Sprint Run, Don’t Sprint

Advanced Progression:
Hang Cleans @ 70%
100m Sprint Performed on the rower


12p (CP)

Warm up:
5/s Alternating KB Piston Press
10 Banded Low Rows
Main Movements:
5 Strict OHP with Banded KBs   Beginners: 5 x 5 Strict OHP
5/s Goblet Stationary Lunges
15/s Lying DB Reverse Flys
30”/s Side Plank

6a (PB)

With a partner, combine to perform the total reps listed below. 1 working at a time, other holds a single KB any way you like. Only set bell down to switch partners. You may hold a different bell than you partner.

100 Push-Ups
100 Goblet Squat
100 BW Lunges
100 Bench Hop-Overs
100 Double Unders or 200 Single
100 Partner Leg Throws
“King of the Hill” Run together

Level 1: 26/18#
Level 2: 35/26#
Level 3: 53/35#

5:30 (PB)

Saturday, 6/11

Daily New and Notes:



“Jake Taylor”
Format: Pyramid

100 BW Squats
90 Bicycle Crunches
80m Seesaw Farmers Walk
70 Push Ups
60 RKB Swings
50 Pull Ups
40 V-Ups
30 Renegade Rows
20 Burpees
10/s Monster Walk
Finish: 500m Run

OPEN GYM: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 6/12

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP

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