Monday, 5/9

Daily News and Notes:


*Why The Breakdowns? – Today is one of those days where we talk about understanding your abilities, and understanding your where you are along the developmental curve.

The reason that we only reserve time challenges for folks with the adequate strength levels is two part.  First, we are foremost looking out for the safety of all of our members. You cannot apply speed to a workout until you have strength. It’s like taking a Prius to NASCAR. The engine will blow. You want to learn how to move, then move under load, then, and only then, do you learn how to move quickly under load for time. Very logical when you break down the natural progression.

Second, we are looking out for your progress. If you are training for a marathon and you jump straight to Week 11, you are not going to be very successful. You have to develop and complete all of the progressions leading up to that, right?

So respect the process, push yourself to get better and be sure you are always working on what makes the most sense for your body. It’s all about providing you a workout that gets you better for exactly where you are, and what you need.  Never resist development and the progressive tools available to your training.


Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Cleans

First, for Strength.
5×5 Hang Cleans @ 50 – 75%

Then, For Fat Loss & Cond.
15 Chin-Ups
200m Run
10 Burpees
200m Run


Beginner Progressions:
Hang Cleans:
5×5 Muscle Cleans
Burpees: 10 Burpee Developers

Advanced Development:
Tier 1 Format:
5 Touch and Go Power Cleans @75%
20″ Row @ 90%
3′ Rest

Tier 2 Format: For Time
15/8 Chin-Ups
250m Row
10 Burpees
250m Row


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: On the speed of the concentric part of the back squat.

10 Light RKB Swings
10/leg Band Adduction

Main movement:
10 x 2 Speed Squats @ 70% (or up 5% from last time)
AMRAP set @ 70% → Beginners: 5 x 5 Back Squats

Accessory work:
10/s Alternating DB Lunges
10/s Single-Leg Hip Bridges → Beginners: Keep both feet planted
15 V-Ups → Advanced: V-ups with plate

Tuesday, 5/10

Daily News and Notes:

Monday Leaderboard:


  1. Skye Halliday, 8:09
  2. Julianne Russell, 8:13
  3. Ashley Francis, 8:37
  4. Nicole Choi, 8:50
  5. Lauren Faison, 9:27


  1. Noah Cosby, 6:24
  2. Joe White, 7:05
  3. Lucas Liu, 7:07
  4. Mike Jansen, 7:25
  5. Chris Boyd, 7:26


*The 5×5 – This is arguably the most proven protocol to develop strength for all levels. For beginner to intermediate lifters, it provides enough volume at a challenging enough load to develop big pulling strength. For advanced lifters with a few years experience under your belt, it is an excellent plateau buster as it sits right on the cusp of hypertrophy and strength. No one ever outgrows 5×5 for any lift, allow yourself to develop with it for many months, and often return to it produce major improvements.

*How to Pre-Load Tension in the Hamstrings


Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Deadlift

First for Strength,
5×5 Deadlift @ 50-75%
10 Band Pushdowns

Then, for Fat Loss & Cond.
5/s 1-Leg RDL
6 Ab Rollouts
10 DB Side Raises
12 Ring Rows
100m Row
(x15 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Deadlifts 5×10 Band Good Mornings
Tier 2 → 20 Min.

Advanced Progressions
Deadifts 5:5:3:3:1
Roll Outs Start on the Toes
Ring Rows Perform each rep from dead stop


6 pm (CP)

3x 40m Sled Row to 40m Reverse Drag (@BW)
3x 5 Back Squat (75-85%)
(2-3min Rest between sets; 20min cap to complete WU & All Working Sets)

Next, Start with A or B:
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF)  Wide Grip Bench Press
8-11 (TF) “Crossover” Ring Push Ups
(TF) KB Skull Crushers
STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Pendlay Rows
8-11 (TF) DB Crescent Rows
(TF) Lat Band Pull Aparts
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)
12-15min per Superset

If Time Remains:
Max DB Safford Curls

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

7min amrap
8/s pistols
15 vups

300m run

7min amrap
8 burpees

300m run

7min amrap
8 box jumps
15/s ren row

Wednesday, 5/11

Daily News and Notes:


*The Science of SprintingA few reasons why we program sprints.

  • Sprinting works the ATP-PCr energy system which is the exact same energy system you tap into when lifting heavy weight, making it a great compliment to your strength program. It’s also the same fuel system we used to use to stutter step a saber tooth tiger trying to kill us back in the day making it plain fun to tap into those ancestral roots.
  • A 1994 Canadian study by Tremblay et al proved interval training such as sprints to burn nine times for fat than endurance training in far less time.
  • Considering that it does not require increased load it is an excellent way to get stronger while not beating up your joints. Just make sure you don’t sprint too soon in your development, it’s easy to get hurt.
  • Sprinting has been shown to increase cardiovascular capacity by challenging anaerobic threshold.  In other words, sprinting will improve your distance running.
  • Sprinting at maximal or near maximal speed activates Type-II muscle fibers to their maximum capacity.  This releases naturally occurring HGH in our bodies which in turn promotes serious fat loss, strength gains and lean body mass development.
  • As Loki explains, “pretty much any form of consistent sprint training will result in adaptive modifications to skeletal muscular metabolism which will promote fatty-acid oxidation and favorable nutrient partitioning. Yeah, ‘sprinting good for fat loss‘.”
  • Sprinting increases muscle mitochondria and insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is a positive thing for body composition and avoiding a state of fat storage.  The more muscle mitochondria you have, the more ATP you can generate which means increase maximal power output when you need it.  Attention, power lifting fans.
  • For you cardio bunnies, sprinting has been shown to double endurance performance at 80% of V02 max.  In English, subjects were able to sustain 80% of their top gear for twice as long.  This is very profound for race athletes.
  • It makes you more carbohydrate sensitive which means that more of your carbs will be partitioned to promote muscle/glycogen storage than fat storage.

…come sprint.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP


Format: Athletic Circuit
Tracking: You Call It

To build athleticism.
1 High Plank Ladder Walk
10/s Rainbows
5 Jump Overs
15”/s Abduction Planks
10 High Knees → 10 Mountain Climbers (x3)
40m 1-Arm Waiter Walk
50m Sprint
(x30 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Dog Leg Plank Regular Plank for 30″

Advanced Progressions
Jump Overs Kneeling Up and Overs


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: Building strength in the OH position of snatches and working on both the concentric and eccentric parts of jumping.

Main Movement:
5 x 5 Overhead Squats @ 50-75%

Ballistic work:
5 x 2 PVC Robby Jumps → Beginners: 5 x 5 Box Jumps

8 Seated DB Military Press
10 Band Pull-Aparts
10 Bent-Over DB Flyes

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

Warm Up:
10 Cossack Squats
5 Hindu Push Ups

Bottoms Up Press / Windmill Practice
3/s of each, working up to a moderate weight.

6 KB Crush Push Ups
10/s Plank Row
10 Cossack Squat
12 Pendulum Swings
30m Bear Crawl

For core,
Side Plank Reach Through w/ Drop
Plank Reach
Cannon Balls

80 One Arm Swings

Thursday, 5/12

Daily News and Notes:


*Weight Distribution on the Back Squat


Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Back Squat

First, For Strength.
5×5 Back Squat @ 50-75%
10 Push-Ups

Then, For Muscle Endurance.
Goblet Lunges (go light)
Ring Dips
80m Farmer Walk


Beginner Modifications:
Back Squat 5×10 Goblet Squats
Ring Dips Bench Dips
Tier 2
20 Minutes, 10 Reps for all

Advanced Progressions:
Back Squat 5:5:3:3:1
Push-Ups Pulse Push-Ups


5:30 – PB

3x 5 Front Squat (75-85%)
3x 5 Deadlift (75-85%)
(2-3min Rest between sets; 20min cap to complete WU & All Working Sets)

Next, Start with A or B, then switch:
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Wide Grip Pull Ups
(TF) Alternating KB Row
8-11 (TF) Around The World DB Raises
STRICT 90 sec Rest between supersets

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Incline DB Fly
Immediately Drop to (TF) Incline DB Press (use same weight)
(TF) Banded Barbell Curls
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between supersets)
12-15min per Superset

If Time Remains:
Max American Sit Ups

7a – CP

15 min amrap
15 straight leg MB sit-ups
15 jumping MB slams
15 banded unbroken pullups
15 weighted bench hopovers

Then with partner for time
2k row relay style, only 500m at a time, must do 10 burpees every time getting off the tower

50 k2e
50 plank jacks
50 alt. Vups
1min plank

Friday, 5/13

Daily New and Notes:

5 Minute Swing Leaderboard:

Men’s 62#:

  1. Sean Sudol, 181
  2. Kyle Atkinson, 177
  3. Lucas Liu, 167
  4. John Blackburn, 165
  5. Carl Barbee, 165

Women’s 44#

  1. Thai Saboya, 181
  2. Amy Beaver, 175
  3. Viv Smith, 168
  4. Brenna Bandy, 167
  5. Erica Fricke, 140

Men’s 53#:

  1. Louis Schenk, 178
  2. Jeremy Schneider, 178
  3. Dave Brager, 176
  4. Inish O’Doherty, 175
  5. Nick Roehr, 171

Women’s 36#:

  1. Shannon Gearing, 169
  2. Kelly Kehm, 168
  3. Abby Crotteau, 164
  4. Kendra Cirillo, 163
  5. Cindy Oji, 160


*Hips and Arms Together – Putting together a consistent amount of powerful reps is all about mechanics, and those mechanics start in the hips. However, it’s important that in order to get the bell to the required shoulder height, that we utilize our arms and lats to finish the movement. Ideally, this will look something like this. (Sorry about the construction going on!)


Format: Benchmark Challenge
Tracking: 5 Min Swing Test

First, in 5 Minutes.
Perform as many RKB Swings to shoulder height (53#/36#)

Then, for Power and Strength.
5 Touch & Go Push Jerks @ 50-70%
1/s TGU

Optional Finisher.
3x200m Run Relay


Beginner Modifications:
Swing Test 10×10 RKB Swings with no time constraints
Touch and Go Push Jerks Push Press

Advanced Progression:
Swing Test 62#/44$
Touch and Go Push Jerks Split Jerks


12p (CP)

Focus: Maintaining form and tension through an olympic complex.

10 Clean High Pulls
10 KB RDLs
10 DB Strict Press

Main Movement:
Clean-Grip RDL → Hang Clean → Push Jerk → Front Squat @ 60-70% of Push Jerk Max

Core Finisher:
8 Barbell Rollouts
10/s KB Side Bends

6a (PB)

EMOM 10 min
6 KB front rack squat to forward lunge
10 burpees

EMOM 10 min
7/s Single arm ren row to curl and press
10 ab rollouts

EMOM 10 min
200m row
50 DU or 100 singles

Mobility [All Things Front Rack]
5:30 (PB)

Movements that will see benefit: Cleans, Jerks, Front Squats

Saturday, 5/14

Daily New and Notes:

skye rowing


Format: Deck of Cards

Pull a card, perform the movement and reps associated with that card!

OPEN GYM: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 5/15

Enter tracking into the Whiteboard App

Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP