Monday, 5/23

Daily News and Notes:

Friday 1 Mile Run (Men):

  1. Adam Whitcomb, 5:19
  2. Jeremy Coombs, 5:35
  3. Mark Niznik, 5:38
  4. Merritt Pearson, 5:39
  5. Mike Travis, 5:42

Friday 1 Mile Run (Women):

  1. M.J. Kafkas, 6:01
  2. Amy Beaver, 6:12
  3. Viv Smith, 6:18
  4. Danielle Williams, 6:30
  5. Lauren Kammler, 6:38

King of the Hill (Men)

  1. Noah Cosby, 7:04
  2. Jerry Brown, 7:08
  3. Jeremy Richa, 7:10
  4. Andy Mauser, 7:17
  5. Dave Thomas, 7:37

King of the Hill (Women)

  1. Jessica Malone, 8:42
  2. Kat Shaw, 8:40
  3. Molly Powell, 9:08


*De-Load Week – Coming off of two abnormally challenging re-testing weeks, this week we will be de-loading from maximal percentage based training and movements. Our focus will be on total body movements, core development and explosive power through lighter movements.  A few reasons for the deload.

  • Connective Tissue – It recovers slower than muscle. This will be a week for tendons and ligament to get a breather.
  • Allow for Supercompensation – Theorized by Russian sports scientist Nikolai Yakovlev in the 40s, the principle of supercompensation is very simple. You provide a stimulus to the body. You remove that stimulus. Gains are made.

*Kettlebell Swing Challenge – Challenge yourself to keep your knees behind your toes on every rep you swing today. If you need to set the bell down to prevent fatigue in order to do so, do it. By accomplishing this challenge, you’ll be perfectly engaging your hips, thus the musculature of the posterior chain.

*Tips for Better Push-Ups:


“Moscow Mule”
Format: 25 Min. Circuit
Tracking: You Call It

First, for 10 Minutes.
10 Monster Walks
8/s Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

Then, Main.
20 Renegade Rows
20 RKB Swings
20 Push-Ups
200m Row
(x25 Min)


Beginner Progressions:
Rep Scheme:
5 – 10 reps at a time to develop good pattern.

Advanced Development:
Push-Ups: May add a little bit of weight if necessary


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: On maintaining C&J form under heavy load and repetition.

10 Muscle Cleans
10 Strict DB Press

Main movement:
1 Clean & Jerk @ 80% EMOM                 → Beginners: 5 x 3 Clean & Jerk

Core work:
8 Hanging Leg Raises                             → Advanced: T2B
8 Russian Twists
30” Plank                                                 → Advanced: Weighted planks

Tuesday, 5/24

Daily News and Notes:

neely*Pace Suggestion – The idea is to go hard on A and B so that you have recovery before the next minute is up. It won’t be a ton of recovery, but our goal is to avoid moving slowly and steadily throughout the course of the six rounds. If you do, it’s no big deal. But we’re looking for slightly more of an anaerobic pace vs. aerobic pace.

*The Benefit of Complexes – A complex is a series of compound movements strung together in one Frankenstein-like combination. The result is that your primary movers of the upper and lower body are all worked (quads, glutes, hamstrings, lats, pecs, delts), as well as stabilizers (core). This has a huge metabolic effect on both fat burning and conditioning.


Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: P360 Lunge Complex

Running 3’ Intervals on the Clock. With a Partner.
A: 5 Lunge Complexes
B: 200m Run
Perform A and B, then rest with the time remaining.

Then, Core Finisher.
10 Floor Wipers
15”/s Abduction Planks
10 Russian Twists
20 Slow Bicycles


Beginner Modifications
Lunge Complex
DBs if balance is an issue

Advanced Progressions
Lunge ComplexSnatch Variation


6 pm (CP)

3×5 Box Squat (Heavy)
3x80m Sled Drags (@BW+)[20min cap for warm-up and working sets] —
Next, Start with A or B, then switch:
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) DB Arnold Press
8-11 (TF) Around the World DB Lateral Raises
(TF) Lateral Flutters
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Pull Ups
8-11 (TF) DB Row
(TF) OH Raise Plate Raise
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

w/partner AMRAP 8min
200m run + 5 burpees per person on each tag
(score total distance ran)
w/partner AMRAP 8min
250m row + 10 BW squats per person on each tag
(score total row distance)
8min CAP challenge w/partner
B.U.A.N with 1 partner working at a time:
100 W. lunges
80 OH swings
60 si-tups
40 pull-ups

Wednesday, 5/25

Daily News and Notes:


*The Ideal Percentage for Power Development It’s important to remember that strength and power and very different skills. Strength is the act of slow, brute force. Power is the act of fast, powerful application of strength. While strength comes first, power is a very close second and you develop that best at sub-maximal.

In a 2001 Journal of Strength & Conditioning study, Baker found that the best percentage to develop power in athletes was between 40 – 60% in trained athletes (up to 70% for highly trained)

When you go beyond that percentage, you are typically working strength. Today, we work athletic power.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP


“Old Fashioned”
Format: 10:1 Pyramid + Finisher
Tracking: Hang Clean, Box Squat

First, 10:1 Format
Hang Cleans @ 40 – 60%
MB Slams
100m Run

3x300m Row Finishers


Beginner Modifications
Rep Scheme
5 reps x 10 rounds
Hang Clean Muscle Clean

Advanced Progressions


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: To build adductor strength and work on lower body form during squats.

Warm Up:
10 BW Squats
10/s Band Adduction
5/s Lawnmower Rows

Main Movement:
10 x 2 Box Squats @ 75-85%    → Beginners: 5 x 5 Back Squats

Accessory Work:
12/leg Front Rack KB Walking Lunges      → Beginners: no KBs
12 Plate Hip Bridges
5/s Single-Arm DB Sit-Ups                        → Beginners: Regular Sit-ups

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

Sit Through / L-Sit Practice 
10 / 5s
15 / 10s
20 / 12s+
15 / 10s
10 / 5s
5/s Bulgarian Split Squat
5/s Windmills
8 Pause Push Up x3s
5 Pause Chin Up x3s
40m Bottoms Up Waiter Walk
(x18 Min)
Crawling Circuit w/ Swings and Jump Squats

Thursday, 5/25

Daily News and Notes:


*Benefits of the Farmer’s Walk – Today we’ll highly the loaded carry and it’s benefits on the human body.

Farmer’s walks are among our most effective forms of isometric training despite the fact we are moving the entire time. For the purpose of motor unit recruitment and strength, isometrics (95%) trump both eccentric (88%) and concentric (89%) phases of movement in terms of the percentage of total motor unit recruitment, (1).  Simply put, we are most activated and in use when we are holding weight.

Another reason why isometrics such as farmer’s walks are incredibly beneficial is the amount of time spent under tension (TUT). Farmer’s walks are essentially non-stop near maximal recruitment of motor units with no eccentric or concentric phase, a huge reason why farmer’s walks will help improve just about every lift across the board.

Farmer’s walks are also excellent for our alignment and for the health of our shoulders, specifically our rotator cuffs, making them a great pre-hab movement. They are also the most basic and effective form of grip training one can do, and grip is critical if one has any aspirations for heavy deadlifts, snatches or cleans.

Your core is working as the quarterback the entire time, stabilizing your body and coordinating efforts between your upper and lower half.


Format: Athletic Circuit
Tracking: DB Snatch, Front Squat

3/s DB Snatch
20 Rotational Waves
5/s Wall Seated Oblique Twists
5/s Explosive Step-Ups
1 Barbell 21
5/s Plyo Lateral Lunges
80m Farmer Walk
(x30 Min)


Beginner Modifications:
DB Snatch Muscle Snatch
Wall Seated Oblique Twist →
20″ Wall Sit
Plyo Lateral Lunges→
5/s Lateral Lunge

Advanced Progressions:


5:30 – PB

3×5 Front Squat (75-85%)
3x 5 Jefferson Deadlift (Heavy)

Next, Start with A or B, then switch:
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Close Grip Bench Press
Immediately drop to (TF) Wide Grip Bench Press
(TF) DB Triceps Kickbacks
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Unbroken Pull-Ups (weights or bands as needed)
8-11 (TF) DB Trap-2 OH Raise
(TF) Straight Arm Band Pushdowns
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

7a – CP

5 rounds for time
400m run
8 burpee broad jump
15 vups
15 GTO’s
20 spidermen
Finish: 1 min squat hold and 1 min plank w/march X2

Friday, 5/26

Daily New and Notes:

*How to Perform More Pull-Ups – From Coach Dave and Coach Robby’s 2014 Article:

First, most everyone can likely improve their pull-up max by slightly improving the mechanics of their reps.  Here is a quick list of kinetic cues when starting and finishing your reps.


  1. Hang onto the bar without any bands, full extension in your elbows but keep your shoulders packed and your chin neutral, gaze straight ahead.
  2. Now, don’t perform a pull-up.  But rather, start the movement of a pull-up simply by tightening/activating your lats. It’s going to feel like you are drawing your armpits towards the floor.  This is the feeling of how to start a pull-up, with your back muscles.
  3. When you perform a pull-up simply by rowing your body to the bar, you use your biceps and forearms which are very small muscles. Small muscles fatigue at a more rapid rate so your total count is greatly diminished before it has a chance to take off. Your arms should be finishing off what your back starts.

Read the full article here.


“Bloody Mary”
Format: Muscle & Core Circuit
Tracking: Jerks

8/s 1-Leg RDL
12 Ring Dips
8 Ab Rollouts
12 Pull-Ups

100m Sprint
5/s Plank Pull Throughs


Beginner Modifications:
RDL Band Good Mornings
Ring Dips Kneeling Diamond Push-Ups

Advanced Progression:
RDL Weights in each hand
Ab Rollouts 4 on toes to failure


12p (CP)

Focus: Become more comfortable with BTN movements to help in overhead squats and snatches.

Warm up:
5 BTN PVC Pipe Splits
5 BTN Strict Press

6 x 3 BTN Jerks @ 60-80% of Jerk 1RM         → Beginners: 5 x 5 Jerks           
→ Advanced: 6 x 3 BTN Split Jerks

5 Wide Grip Pull-ups                                           → Beginners: Normal grip width Pull-ups
15 DB Pullovers
15 V-Ups

6a (PB)

7 rounds for time
5 DB squat cleans to thruster
10 pushups with spidermen per side
15 Butterfly situps
20 double unders or 40 singles
80m run

5:30 (PB)

Saturday, 5/27

Daily New and Notes:



“White Russian”
Format: Strength & Agility Circuit

10 DB Push Press
6/s Drop Step Lunge
6 Close Grip Chin Up
10 Twisting Med Ball Slam
12/s Side Plank Hip Drops
40m/s Side Shuffle
100m Jog
100m Sprint
30″ Extended Plank
(x30 Min)

OPEN GYM: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 5/28

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