Monday, 5/2

Daily News and Notes:

**Dave & Pritz’s new Podcast, “The Business of Lifting Weights” – The first three episodes are live and have received nearly 800 downloads on iTunes so far! We’d love for you to give it a listen:


*From Coach Brenna’s “How to Increase Your Back Squat” Regarding the Descent: “Bracing for the descent is one of the most important aspects of the squat. How well you brace your core before you descend will make or break the lift. This is accomplished by taking a extremely large breath, filling the belly and pushing out into your obliques in a 360 degree manner. This strong core you’ve created should not move, tilt, or extend in any manner throughout the entire lift. As you take in your bracing breath, you should also also engage your glutes and solidify your (hopefully) already tense upper body. Your weight should be toward the mid-foot and heel to avoid rolling forward on the balls of your feet.”

*Push-Up Tip: In your high plank set-up, apply the majority of your weight into your pinky and ring finger. This will engage the posterior triceps musculature and help keep our elbows in on our reps, decreasing stress on the shoulder.


“Choco Taco”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Back Squat

First, For Strength.
5×5 Back Squat @ 50-75%
10 Push-Ups

Then, for Fat Loss & Cond.
10 RKB Swings to Shoulder Height
2 Burpees
100m Run


Beginner Progressions:
Back Squat:
5×10 Unloaded Barbell
Burpees: 5 Squat Jumps

Advanced Development:
Back Squat: 5×3 1+1/2 Reps
Push-Ups: Add Weight
2-Tier Format: For Time (53#/36#), 100m Row Instead of Run


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Warm-up Progressions:
10 Snatch-grip Behind-the-Neck Press (x2)
5 Snatch Balance (x2)
5 Muscle Snatch @ 30%  (x2)

Main movement:
10 x 1 Snatch from blocks @ 80-90%  → Beginners: 5 x 5 Snatch   

Accessory work:
10/s Goblet Stationary Lunges → Beginners: BW Stationary Lunges
30”/s Side Planks

Tuesday, 5/3

Daily News and Notes:


*Athletic Power – Strength reveals itself in a number of ways. It’s not always in the form of a barbell or weights. It can be applied in a power format with body weight, light weight and forward running speed. Speed is strength. But strength is not necessarily speed unless we train it to do be so.

We’re looking to build explosive power and athletic movement. Just about every movement is power based so they flow may be a bit slower as we don’t want to turn this into steady state conditioning. We want to stay relatively anaerobic as much as possible given the confines.

If you do not dial back weight and focus on max power, you will only have slow, athletic-less strength. Check out our podcast on the Complete Athlete.

*DB Snatch Benefit – For dumbbells, the stability requirements are much greater as you are relying on just a single shoulder to stabilize the weight overhead.  As such, with one side of the body heavily weighted, the other side must create counter stabilization in order to achieve balance.   This provides work on the obliques that a barebell typically does not reach, and as far as performance goes I could make a very convincing case that the obliques are the most important of the abdominal family.

Further, it is just plain very challenging to snatch something 100 or 70 pounds up overhead for multiple reps.  It takes power in our legs, transfer of force capability in our core and both strength and stability in our shoulder to finish it off and receive it for a rep.  One single rep from the floor will engage just about every muscle group in your body.

The DB snatch is also a great tool to teach full hip extension, and a very powerful 2nd and 3rd pull, as they cannot be performed correctly without really driving the hips through.


Format: Athletic Circuit
Tracking: You Call It

First, for Power and Athleticism
3/s DB Snatch @ 75%
20 Waves + 4 Side Power Slams (x3)
10 Plank-Ups
3 Chevron MB Slams
5 Jump Overs
200m Run/80m Farmer Walk Rotation Every Round
(x25 Min)

5 x 50m Sprint


Beginner Modifications
DB Snatch Muscle Snatch
Chevron MB Slams5 MB Slams
50m Sprint → 100m Run

Advanced Progressions
Jump Overs Kneeling Up & Overs


6 pm (CP)

3x80m Sled Drags (@BW+)
3×5 Jefferson Deadlift (Heavy)
(2-3min Rest between sets; 20min cap to complete WU & All Working Sets)

Next, Start with A or B:
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Military Press
8-11 (TF) KB Press
(TF) Plate Raises
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) DB Batwing Rows
8-11 (TF) DB Trap-2 OH Raise
(TF) Rear Delt Flys
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)
(12-15min per Superset)

If Time Remains:
40 Yard Dash

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

7 rounds for time:
per arm: 5 hang clean, 5 front squats, 5 push press (with 1 KB or DB)
6 Burpees over weight
20e split leg crunch
30 plate lunges
50 Double Unders

Wednesday, 5/4

Daily News and Notes:


*Restorative YogaTonight, 8 pm.

*Front Rack Overview – We will be posting this today and Friday to better understand what is required of the front rack position and how to better improve it. It’s a highly important position for the clean, jerk and front squat.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP


“Italian Ice”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Hang Cleans

First, for Strength.
5 Hang Cleans @ 50-75%

Then, for Muscle and Power.
10 Ring Dips
10 UH Grip Barbell Row
10 OH Plate Raises
100m Sprint
(x15 – 20 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Hang Cleans Muscle Cleans
DB Cleans if You Cannot Front Rack a Barbell

Ring Dips Bench Dips

Advanced Progressions
Clean Option 3 Position Cleans
Ring Dips Hollow Position Dips


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: Build core and quadriceps strength.

5/s Single-Leg Bench Pistol Squats
10/s Thoracic Rotations

Main Movement:
Work towards your best 3RM Front Squat  → Beginners:5 x 5 Front Squats
(x15-20 min)

3/s Single-Leg T2B
20 Banded Leg Extensions
10 Superman Back Extensions

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

Warm Up
8 Jump Squats
10 Shoulder Tap Push Ups
30 Flutter Kicks
8 Double KB Press
12 Ring Rows
15 Band Leg Raises
5 Squat Jumps
(x12 Min)
8 Double KB Squat
12 Ring Supermans
15/s Side Plank Rows
5 Plyo Push Ups
(x12 Min)
Finisher – EMOM (53+/35+)

Thursday, 5/5

Daily News and Notes:


*NEW** Muscle Class Time – Thursday, 5:30 pm at P360 Pacific Beach. Focus on developing larger, stronger muscles for physique and performance.

*Integrity of the Format – Today you’re going to want to pay extra close attention to your coach’s range of motion expectations, because if you don’t follow it, you’re reps won’t count. Timed or tracked challenges are only performed a few times per month, so when we do them we take them seriously and regularly DQ folks post facto. Further, coaches know when a number is written next to a name that doesn’t belong. The moral of the story is, do your reps clean and don’t cheat. We know when you do and we’ll simply ignore your results.

Why do we track and time? Simple. To have you find out where you stand for yourself, and to have an internal discussion with yourself about how hard you can push. Like any 1R max, your mental limits hit PRs, too. Train and re-test them.

If what’s outlined is not your bag or cup of tea, or if you don’t feel like tracking or paying attention, take a rest day, hit a Specialty class. Just don’t come into the gym with anything other than that full expectation for your performance.


“Mr. Silver”
Format: Benchmark Workout
Tracking: “Mr. Silver”

5 Squat Jumps
5 Push-Ups
5/2 Pull-Ups (Male/Female)
(20 Min AMRAP)


Beginner Modifications:
Format Be concerned with mechanics and ROM, not rounds.
Kneeling Push-Ups and/or Banded Pull-Ups = 1/2 Round

Advanced Progressions:
Push-Ups Full
Push-Ups No Bands
= 1 Round


5:30 – PB

3×5 Back Squat (75-85%)
3×5 Deadlift (75-85%)
(2-3min Rest between sets)
Next, Start with A or B, then switch:
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Unbroken Pull-Ups (weights or bands as needed)
8-11 (TF) Barbell Strict Press
(TF) Plate OH French Press
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Barbell Row
8-11 (TF) DB Floor Press
(TF) KB Fishbowl Curl
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

If Time Remains:
Max Time Farmers Hold

7a – CP

800m Run
20 plate prisoner situps
10/s bulgarian lunges
15 DB hang squat cleans
10 Ab rollouts
800m Run

Friday, 5/6

Daily New and Notes:

Mr. Silver” Leaderboard

1. Adam Whitcomb, 35
1. Noah Cosby, 35
3. Jeremy Black, 30
4. Joe White, 27
4. Bryan Bujarski, 27

1. Ashley Francis, 28
2. Anna Hollenhorst, 26
3. Caitlin Friedhoff, 24
3. Jenn Ciofolo, 24
5. Skye Halliday, 23
5. Stephanie Ross, 23


*Why Overhead Squat? – There is perhaps no greater total body demand in weightlifting than the overhead squat, possibly matched only by movements you may see in this article.  Since the OH squat is performed with both hands on the barbell, the mobility demands far surpass any other movement except perhaps the snatch.  In order to be competent in the OH squat you must have mobility in the ankles, knees, hips, t-spine, lats and triceps.  If any single point in the chain is tight or immobile, the lift doesn’t happen to it’s fullest capacity.  So, as far as advanced movements done right, this is at the top of the list.  It makes the OHS a fine tool for postural correction assuming one has the mobility to perform, as it combats the prevention or furthering of the dreaded desk-causing t-spine kyphosis.

The OHS is also excellent for teaching total body kinetic awareness and to move as a collective unit, lending high transferability to a lot of sports.  Think of it as an assembly line of efficiency, if one part does not do its job the whole process crumbles.

It also teaches tension incredibly well as start to finish there is not a relaxed muscle in the entire body.  Since we talk about tension’s role in strength ALL the time at P360, it should come as no surprise that we love this benefit of the OHS.

Demands on core stabilization make it akin to the front squat.  Even though it is a squat, inferring “leg” exercise, it would be a mistake to label this just a developer of the lower half.  Your core, shoulders, back and legs will all receive plenty of attention in a set of five OH squats.

Along with the TGU, it is perhaps the only movement that requires your lats to be in a position of maximal muscle contraction for an extended period of time.  Lats are big time performance muscles so any movement that isolates them in an athletic capacity (unlike a lat pulldown) es muy bueno. Even better that it’s in an isometric position the entire time.

Learn to OH squat well and watch your strength go up everywhere.

Front Rack Overview:

To see all of the drills referenced, check out our Front Rack Mobility article.


“Nutty Buddy”
Format: 3-Tier
Tracking: Front Squat

First, for Strength.
5×5 Front Squats @ 50-75%
10/s DB Renegade Row

Then, For Trunk Stability.
5/s 1-Arm OH DB Squat
5 Barbell Roll Out Curls
5/s 1-Arm Alternating KB Swings
(x15 Min)

To Finish,
Barbell 21s


Beginner Modifications:
Front Squat 7×10 Goblet Squat
1-Arm Alternating Swings 10 RKB Swings

Advanced Progression:
Renegade Rows w/ Kettlebells
1-Arm DB OH Squat 5 Barbell OHS @ 60%
1-Arm Alternating Swings Don’t Alternate, 5/s while resisting rotation


12p (CP)

Focus: Building adductor strength and a forceful deadlift lockout.

Main Movement:
5 x 8 Sumo Deadlifts @ 60-70%    → Beginners: 5 x 5 Sumo DLs @ 50%

Deadlift Assistance Work:
15 Dimel Deadlifts @ 30%             → Beginners: 15 RKB Swings

5 Band Assisted Inverse Curl (with 2” pause @ bottom)
100m Front Rack KB Walks

6a (PB)

With a partner. 1 working at a time, other holds a single KB. Only set bell down to switch partners.
100 pushups
100 goblet squats with DB/MB
100 lunges
100 bench hopovers
100 Double Unders (200 singles)
100 K2E
1,000m Run together
Level 1: 26/18#
Level 2: 35/26#
Level 3: 53/35#

Mobility [Shoulders]
5:30 (PB)

Saturday, 5/7

Daily New and Notes:



Format: Team Workout

Teams of 5.  Break up reps as needed.
500 RKB Swings
500 Push ups
500 Sit-ups
500 Ring Rows
5000 Meter Row

OPEN GYM: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 5/8

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP

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