Monday, 4/4

Daily News and Notes:

*THIS SATURDAY! Super Hero Smash for Mason – Just a reminder, our fundraiser for 6-year old Mason of the FireFighter Aid family is THIS Saturday, April 9th.  We really, really need your help in attendance to show Mason how much we care, as well as your donations. Here is the donation link:

**NEW** Muscle Class Time – Thursday, 5:30 pm at P360 Pacific Beach.

**Why the differentiation in Tier 2? – You want to learn how to move weight properly. Then, you want to learn to move it heavy. Then, and only then, you want to learn to move it quickly. Today’s Tier 2 for time is reserved for those who are highly proficient in the deadlift. If you are just learning, stick to your progressions and allow yourself the ability to learn and progress.

**Why is hypertrophy listed under “Advanced Progressions?” – Similar to the point above, you want to display and learn a high level of proficiency in a movement before you move it for high heps at heavy weight, which is what is required of muscle building. You need to give your tendons, ligaments and fascia time to build up and adjust to the stimulus of weight training. You also need to build up your stabilizer and groove your movement pattern. The timetable is different for all, but approximately a year of building up the movement pattern is a good foundation.



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Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

First, for Strength.
5×5 Deadlifts @ 60-80%
12 Band Pulldowns
Then, for Fat Loss and Conditioning
6 Deadlifts
6 Pull-Ups
100m Run


Beginner Development:
Tier 1 Deadlifts → 5×10 Hinge Taps
Tier 2 Deadlifts → Follow Intermediate programming, swap hinge taps for deadlifts.

Advanced Growth:
Tier 1 Hypertrophy Option → 5×10 Deadlifts @ 60%

Tier 2: For Time
10:2 Deadlifts (225#/135#)
5:1 Pull-Ups
100m Run

Specialty Classes

12p, 6 pm (CP)

First, for Strength.
1:1 Snatch + Hang Snatch @ Max

Then, Strength & Hypertrophy Superset
3 OHS @ 80%
8 Muscle Snatch

Tuesday, 4/5

Daily News and Notes:



  1. Adam Whitcomb, 3:50
  2. Noah Cosby, 4:02
  3. Lucas Liu, 4:37
  4. Scott Rosecrans, 4:58
  5. Adam Hascall, 5:00


  1. Anna Hollenhorst, 6:35
  2. Julianne Russell, 6:38
  3. M.J. DeJonckheere, 7:02
  4. Jenn Ciofolo, 7:28
  5. Danielle Williams, 7:42

THIS SATURDAY! Super Hero Smash for Mason – Just a reminder, our fundraiser for 6-year old Mason of the FireFighter Aid family is THIS Saturday, April 9th.  We really, really need your help in attendance to show Mason how much we care, as well as your donations. Here is the donation link:

*What does “Muscle and Core Circuit” Mean – It simply implies the focus of today will be on building muscle  and isolating our core development. The pace should be moderate and the focus should be not on speed, but challenge of the movement.


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Daily Challenge

Format: Muscle and Core Circuit

Muscle & Core Circuit.
50 Rope Russian Twists
40 Spiderman Crunches
30 Alt. Hammer Curls
20 Ring Dips
10 Glute Bridges
1 80m Farmer Walk
(x30 Min)



Beginner Modifications
Ring DipsClose grip kneeling push-ups
Glute Bridgesw/ just a bumper

Advanced Progressions
Format Variable → Every other minute, drop and perform 5 push-ups.
Glute BridgesHip Thrusts (More ROM)

Specialty Classes

6 pm (CP)

First, for Girth:
4 giant sets of:
10x Close Grip Bench Press
8x Wide Grip Bench
10x Supinated Grip DB Bentover Row

Next, for Gunnage:
4 sets of:
Barbell “21s”

Finally (if time permits):
200m Walking Lunge

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

Movement -> E.M.O.M Movement
100 squat jumps/3 pushups
100 situps/ 4 seaturtles
100 w. lunges with plate/ 5 burpees
50 v-ups/ 4 broad jumps
50 DB clean n thruster/ 8 spidermen
50e KB russian twists/ 10 KB swings

Wednesday, 4/6

Daily News and Notes:

*From Coach Brenna’s ‘How to Increase Your Back Squat’: “Bracing for the descent is one of the most important aspects of the squat. How well you brace your core before you descend will make or break the lift. This is accomplished by taking a extremely large breath, filling the belly and pushing out into your obliques in a 360 degree manner. This strong core you’ve created should not move, tilt, or extend in any manner throughout the entire lift. As you take in your bracing breath, you should also also engage your glutes and solidify your (hopefully) already tense upper body. Your weight should be toward the mid-foot and heel to avoid rolling forward on the balls of your feet.”…Read the full article.

Kettlebell Class Core Focus – In Kettlebell Core class, the movements will always feature a heavy emphasis on the abs and core, as well as traditional bell movements and some other movements we don’t find in the Daily Challenge.

*Restorative Yoga – Don’t forget, tonight and every Wednesday at 8 pm. Bring a mat an a foam roller and get ready to feel and move better.


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Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP

Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

First, for Strength.
5×5 Back Squat @ 50-75%
10 Push-Ups

Then, for Strength and Conditioning.
8 Hang Cleans @ 40%
5 DB Strict Press
50m Backpedal → Sprint
(x20 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Back Squat5×10 Goblet Squats
Hang CleansMuscle Cleans
Tier 2 Slow pace

Advanced Progressions
Tier 1 Hypertrophy Option 5×10 Back Squat @ 60%
Push-UpsAdd Weight
DB Strict Press Strict HSPU
Tier 2 → Max pace for 12 Minutes.

Specialty Classes

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB


Main Workout,
Double KB RDLs 10
Paloff Press 12/s
Inverted Row 10
Jump Lunges 20
(x20 Min)

Then for Core,
Plank Pull Through 12
Russian Twists 24
Jackknife 12

OH Swing / Burpee Pyramid

12p, 6 pm (CP)

Work up to 80% Clean and Jerk and perform 5 singles.

5 Dip-Pause-Drive Split Jerks @ 50%
5 No Approach Box Jumps

Thursday, 4/7

Daily News and Notes:

**NEW** Muscle Class Time – Thursday, 5:30 pm at P360 Pacific Beach.

*Tracking Rounds – We don’t do a lot of competitive style workouts because competing can often overshadow actual functionality of a workout very easily. So, when we do we expect folks to come in, go hard and push themselves. The first reason to tracking rounds is to see how you stack up. Plain and simple, it’s good to know where you stand when it comes to physical capability. The second reason, is it holds you accountable to effort.

*Integrity – You are not policed in workouts such as these. Track your rounds accurately, and with honesty. We coaches are not dumb and we know the capabilities of our members.

*Metabolic Benefit of Clusters – The goal is to avoid a steady, slow state cardio. We want to go hard in a short amount of time, recover, and then repeat. More oxygen demand, greater effort, more calories burned and working towards a higher VO2 max and work capacity.



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Daily Challenge

Format: Metabolic Clusters

Perform three 6 minute stations. Track and tally your total completed rounds across all three.

A: (6 Minutes)
6 RKB Swings to Shoulder (53#/36#)
6 Chevrons

(Rest 3 Min)

B: (6 Minutes)
100m Row
12 BW Lunges

(Rest 3 Min)

C: (6 Minutes)
5 Push Jerk (135#/95#)
80m Run

(Rest 3 Min)


Scaled Weight or Reps:
Equals ½ Round

Beginner Modifications:
Station C: Push Jerk 10 DB Push Press

Specialty Classes

5:30 – PB

First, for Thickness:
4 supersets of:
10x Supinated Grip Chinese Row (Underhand Supported Barbell Row)
10x DB Bentover Flys

Then, for Width:
5 supersets of:
12x DB Lat Pullovers
12x Band Lat Pull Apart

Finally (if time permits):
200m Farmers Carry

7a – CP

BUAN for time:
200 DU
90 Walking lunge with plate
80 KB swings
70 C2F pushups
60 Leg Drives
50 DB thrusters
40 American Situps
30 Burpees
20 jumping pullups

Friday, 4/8

Daily New and Notes:

*5:30p Mobility Class: Today Coach Julianne will be working with you on ankles and hips, progressing to some shoulder work. Ankle mobility is everything in fitness movements, if you don’t have it you will be severely limited on any squat, deadlifts and overhead work.

FireFighter Aid Fundraiser Tomorrow!!– Just a reminder, our fundraiser for 6-year old Mason of the FireFighter Aid family is Saturday, April 9th. See the link here for full details:

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Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

First, For Your Goal.
S: 5×5 Push Jerks @ 50-75%
H: 5×10 Push Press @ 40%

Then, for Fat Loss/Conditioning.
In teams of 3.
A: 300m Row
B: 300m Run
C: Rest
(x20 Min)


Beginner Modifications:
Push Press → 5×10 DB Press
Row → 200m

Advanced Progression:
Push Jerk → 5×3 Split Jerks @85%

Specialty Classes

12p (CP)

First, for Strength.
3133 Front Squats x 3 reps @ max weight you can perform and sustain.

Then,  for Hypertrophy.
10 Barbell Bench Press
10 Pendlay Rows

6a (PB)

AMRAP 15min.
12 KB headcutters
8 KB facing burpees
16 Alt. V-ups
200m Run
Then, Death by Shuttle RUN 16min Cap
Finish: 30′ rev plank into 30′ plank X3

Mobility [Ankles and Hips]
5:30 (PB)

Starting Stretches:
-Hurdle Stretch
-Supine Butterfly
-Flexion Butterfly
-Internal Hip w/Lat stretch
-Shoulder Internal/External Rotation
-Hamstring Development

-90/90 (focusing on longer holds and slower movement)
-Leg lifts (seated neutral and flexed spine)
-Butterfly to Leg Lifts (perhaps adding height)
-Global hip rotations
Shoulders: Isolated scapular movements
Bottom squat hold progressions

Saturday, 4/9

Daily New and Notes:

*FireFighter Aid Fundraiser Today! – Today is finally the day where we get to rally and show Mason an amazing day of support. We will be running three workouts that are open to public: 9, 10 and 11 am. We ask a $20 donation, but anything helps. You can donate online here:



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Daily Challenge

“Super Hero Smash for Mason”
Format: Team Workout

For 30 Minutes. Complete as many team rounds as possible. Only move on stations once your team has all complete the A movement.

A: 300m Run
B: Max Sit-Ups
C: Max Pull-Ups

A: Farmer Walk 200m
B: Max Distance Row
C: Max BW Squats

A: 7 Hell Trots
B: Max Push-Ups
C: Max RKB Swings

Open Gym: None

Sunday, 4/3

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP

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