Monday, 4/25

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*Friday’s Challenge Leaderboard


  1. Brenna Bulach, 8:54
  2. Amy Beaver, 9:20
  3. MJ DeJonckheere, 9:39
  4. Jess Montgomery, 9:56
  5. Kelly Kehm, 10:00



  1. Jeremy Schneider, 7:55
  2. Jeremy Black, 8:14
  3. Chris Lynch, 8:31
  4. Brett Marquis, 8:49
  5. Kyle Paton, 9:05

Benefits of the DB Snatch – This movement tends to fall by the wayside in favor of the barbell snatch, and that’s a mistake.  There is a reason we, and other gyms across the nation, stock dumbbells along with barbells.  They both have different benefits the other can’t achieve.  For dumbbells, the stability requirements are much greater as you are relying on just a single shoulder to stabilize the weight overhead.  As such, with one side of the body heavily weighted, the other side must create counter stabilization in order to achieve balance.   This provides work on the obliques that a barbell typically does not reach, and as far as performance goes I could make a very convincing case that the obliques are the most important of the abdominal family.

It takes power in our legs, transfer of force capability in our core and both strength and stability in our shoulder to finish it off and receive it for a rep.  One single rep from the floor will engage just about every muscle group in your body.

The DB snatch is also a great tool to teach full hip extension, and a very powerful 2nd and 3rd pull, as they cannot be performed correctly without really driving the hips through.

Off-the-floor DB snatches require speed, athleticism and stability that no other movement on this list requires.  If you want more power in your later pulls, get on DB snatches.

*The Metabolic Benefits of the EMOM – We’re simply taking advantage of the work:rest ratio in the EMOM. Because the nature of the pace is pre-determined, it allows us to just focus on completing the two movements as quickly as possible and then take full advantage of programmed rest periods so we can go “all out” on work. This provides a high level of fat burning while also preserving our power, and strength.


“Ride the Lightning”
Format: 3-Tier
Tracking: DB Snatch

First, in a 10 Min. Partner EMOM
A: 2/s DB Snatch
B: Plank until A is done.

Then, for 15 Minutes.
8/s Rotational Band Rows
6 DB Squat Cleans
5 Box Jumps
100m Row

To Finish,
5 Minute Row for Distance


Beginner Progressions:
DB Snatch:
Muscle Snatch
Box Jumps: Squat Jumps

Advanced Development:
Box Jumps: Broad Jumps


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Warm Up Progressions:
8 Muscle Cleans
8 High Pulls

8 DB Strict Press
5 BB Splits

Main movement:
8 x 1 C&J Complex:
1 Clean + 2 Jerks @ 85% of Jerk 1RM → Beginners: 5 x 5 Clean or OH progression
(choose one to work on for the day)

Accessory work:
15 Sissy Squats → Beginners: bodyweight →Advanced: w/ KB
10 Ab Wheel Rollouts → Beginners: V-ups, or break rollouts into 2 x 5

Tuesday, 4/26

Daily News and Notes:


*Monday’s 5 Minute Row Leaderboard


  1. Vivianna Smith, 1,337 m
  2. Kelly Kehm, 1,303 m
  3. Nicole Choi, 1,299 m
  4. Monica Wolfe, 1,268 m
  5. Brittany Olsson, 1,264


  1. Kyle Atkinson, 1,512 m
  2. Ryan Booth, 1,500 m
  3. Mike Jansen, 1,475 m
  4. Bacon Kreutter, 1,460 m
  5. Chris Lynch, 1,442 m
  6. Chris Vanos, 1,442 m

*Which Deadlift Stance is Best for Me? Finding your ideal pulling stance is extremely important for health of the back and optimization of our strength gains. Check out Coach Dave’s article breaking down the pros an cons of each stance…full article here.

*Benefits of Side Raises – Taking advantage of frontal plane movement (abduction = moving away from the midline). Most daily activities keep us hunched towards our midline. Side raises improve scap function by breaking up the all day protraction most of us face.


“And Justice for All”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Deadlift

First for Strength,
5×5 Deadlift @ 50-75%
10 DB Side Raises

Then, for Fat Loss & Cond.
5/s Single Leg Plyometric Drives
5 MB Slams
5/s Pendulum Swings
8 Pull-Ups
(x15 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Deadlift Band Good Mornings
Single Leg Plyometric DrivesSingle Leg Step-Ups

Advanced Progressions
Pushups Add Weight


6 pm (CP)

3×5 Box Squat (Heavy)
3×5 Sumo Deadlift (75-85%)
(2-3min Rest between sets)
Next, Start with A or B:

Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) DB Arnold Press
8-11 (TF) Around the World DB Lateral Raises
(TF) Lateral Plate Flutters
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Pull Ups
8-11 (TF) Wide Barbell Row
(TF) OH Raise Plate Raise
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

If Time Remains:
Barbell “21s”

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

Tabata 20/10×8 each
Lunge jumps
Burpee bar touch
Russian twists

7min amrap
5 goblet squats
10 push-ups
15 vups
20 KB swings

7min amrap
1/s TGU
5 burpees

Finish: 1 min wall sit, 1 min plank x2

Wednesday, 4/27

Daily News and Notes:

*Restorative YogaTonight, 8 pm.


*Meeting in the Middle – No advanced progressions today, simply work at a heavier weight in your push jerk. Everyone gets the benefits of the push jerk today. Advanced?  Use the push jerk to dial in speed and drop at repeatable weight. Intermediate? Good segue to learning the split jerk. Everyone meets in the middle to get the benefit of a great Olympic progression. Beginners continue to focus on proper movement pattern through a more strict option.

*Heavy Offset Goblet Squats – One hand holds the horns as a typical goblet squat would be. The other hand cups it from the bottom. Just by offsetting our grip and challenging the way we hold it, we’ll fire and stimulate different bracing muscles in our trunk. Forcing new adaptation.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP


“St. Anger”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Jerks

First, for Strength.
5 Push Jerk @ 50 – 75%
5 Goblet Squats
Strict 2 Min. Rest

Then, for Fat Loss & Aerobic Capacity.
A: 300m Row
B: 300m Run
C: Rest
(x15 Min)


Beginner Modifications
Push Jerk 10 Push Press
DBs for Immobile Shoulders

300m Distance 200m

Advanced Progressions
Goblet Squats 2 Offset Grip @ Max Weight


12p, 6 pm (CP)

10/s Band Adduction
10”/s Cossack Squat
8 Goblet Squats

Main Movement:
5 x 5 Back Squat with 3” pause @ 50% → Beginners:5 x 5 Back Squat w/o pause

20 Banded Good Mornings
10 Weighted V-ups → Beginners: w/o weight
50m Sprint (walk back)

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

8/s Floor Press w/ glute bridge
6 Alternating grip pull up
10/s Snatch or High Pull
(Walking Lunge between all stations)

(x20 Min)

Star plank
Star side plank
Reverse plank
Hollow hold
5:5:5 Broad jump Burpee

Thursday, 4/28

Daily News and Notes:


*NEW** Muscle Class Time – Thursday, 5:30 pm at P360 Pacific Beach. Focus on developing larger, stronger muscles for physique and performance.

“The Benefits of Hypertrophy” by Coach Dave.
“More muscle gets you stronger. Not only that, but the further you progress along the curve, the more important hypertrophy work becomes in order to continue progressing. At the onset of a program, I’d say around one to two years, most of your strength gains occur at the neuromuscular level. That is, our body and brain working together more efficiently to perform heavier movement.

However, once you’re past a certain point your body is no longer going to adapt like it once did and you need to focus on strength from a structural level, that is, building the muscle and soft tissue.

Beginners to intermediate level need to not worry about hypertrophy work as much as advanced folks. I’d even make the case that if you focus on hypertrophy work too early, you’re going to limit your strength gains because for the first year or so you want everything dedicated to building your foundation of absolute strength and neuromuscular efficiency. The more you interrupt that path of building strength, the worse off your athletic foundation will be.

But for folks who have a few years of Olympic and power lifting experience under their belt?

You absolutely need to apply some focus towards building muscle if you wish to continue progress in your strength.

Think about it like this. At first, the soldiers you have are being trained on what to do. Then, they get really good at their task. However, at some point they’re as good as they’re going to be and you simply need more soldiers to take on more weight.

This is the process of adding muscle as you progress along the curve.”

*The Benefits of Rotational Deadlift– This is a nice guest article from Tony Gentilcore on the benefits.


“Kill ‘Em All”
Format: Athletic Circuit
Tracking: You Call It

First, For 25 Minutes
10 KB Rotational Deadlifts
20 Standing Rope Russian Twists
10/s Lateral Hops
3 Burpees
6 Spiderman Push-Ups
Lateral In & Out Ladder Drill
30m Bear Crawl → Jog Back

5x200m Sprints


Beginner Modifications:
Lateral Hops Stop and reset each jump
Burpees 5 Chevrons
Spiderman Push-Ups Traditional or Kneeling Push-Ups

Advanced Progressions:
Lateral Hops Unbroken
Burpees Burpee Pull-Ups


5:30 – PB 

3x 5 Back Squat (75-85%)
3x 5 Deadlift (75-85%)
(2-3min Rest between sets)
Next, Start with A or B, then switch:

Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Barbell Floor Press
8-11 (TF) DB Chest Fly
(TF) Floor Plate Crush Press
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Ring Chin Ups
8-11 (TF) DB Lat Pullovers
(TF) Straight Arm Band Pushdowns
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

If Time Remains:
Barbell French Press

7a – CP

30min cap
50 squats
10 burpees
300m run
40 sit-ups
10 burpees
300m run
30/s lunges
10 burpees
300m run
20 ovrhd KBS
10 burpees
300m run

Finish: 30′ 30′ 30′ plank variation x4

Friday, 4/29

Daily New and Notes:


*The Benefits of Turkish Get-Ups –  Similar to the OHS, the TGU is an almost perfect expression of strength and stability, requiring the utmost coordination, control, shoulder stability and strength in your core, shoulders, hamstrings and hips.

Heavy get-ups, the kind in the triple digits for men and upwards of that amount for women require an enormous amount of strength and power simply to apply the drive to initiate the movement.  You cannot even start this wonderful exercise without a high level of strength. Your hamstrings, shoulder and abdominals are all working in unison at near maximum capacity to get you going.

It’s as if you are putting the gas pedal to floor in hopes of getting a truck out of the mud.  It takes absolutely everything you have at a maximal effort to get from the ground to the support of your forearm, and sometimes, your tires are just going to spin and spin in place until you develop that total body unison strength.  Like the OHS, the get-up teaches the body to apply and maintain tension for periods of up to thirty seconds.  No other lifts fall into this category of theirs.

It’s also the best (and only) exercise that teaches “cross-lateralization” (as Pavel puts it), your right side working with your left side at max tension, and vice versa.

As a core movement, it is in the elite category.  Since you begin by placing weight overhead and then holding it as you stand fully erect, your abdominal muscles are working very hard isometrically to resist spinal rotation and flexion, and as we have seen from all modern research, the very best kind of abdominal work you can do are isometrics.  The movement is first initiated by driving into the floor with everything you have, activating the hamstrings to overdrive and the core muscles to be firing on all cylinders.


“Master of Puppets”
Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Cleans

First, 10 Minute EMOM
2 Hang Cleans @ ~70%
1/s Turkish Get-Up @ 80%
80m Farmer Walk
Rest 1 Min.


Beginner Modifications:
Hang Cleans 5 Muscle Cleans

Advanced Progression:
Hang Cleans Touch & Go Power Cleans @ 85%


12p (CP)

Main Movement:
5 x 3 Bench Press @ 85% → Beginners: 5 x 5 Bench Press
Dead-Stop Bench Press AMRAP x 2 @ 85%

Accessory Work:
10 DB Neutral-Grip Floor Press
20 Band Tricep Pushdowns
15/s Lying DB Reverse Flys

30”:30” Max rep Push Up Tabata (for 5 minutes)

6a (PB)

4 rounds for time
400m run
25 bw squats
20 burpees
25 American sit-ups
20 lunge jumps
20 db push press

Finish: max handstand hold x 3

Mobility [Shoulders]
5:30 (PB)

Saturday, 4/30

Daily New and Notes:



“Black Album”
Format: 30 Minute Circuit

For All Around Work
10 Renegade Row Push-Ups
10 Hollow Rocks
5/s Monster Walks
5 Chin Ups
10 KB RDLs
BW Walking Lunges 40m
Back Pedal 40m
Run 200m
(x30 Min)

OPEN GYM: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 5/1

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP

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