Monday, 4/18

Daily News and Notes:


*The Benefits of the Hollow Rock This is used to teach us abdominal bracing that is transferred to many other movements including the squat and the deadlift. It is a staple of the gymnastics world and an excellent core strengthening movement.

*Workout Specific Mobility Homework How to Achieve an Easier Front Rack. We have posted this before but it’s a highly important position that you must be able to achieve in order to progress.

*Recent Article: “Science Proves Exercise is Not Enough”, by Coach Lenny


Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Back Squat

First, For Strength.
5×5 Back Squat @ 75%
8/s Alt. KB Piston Rows

Then, for Fat Loss & Cond.
5 Hang Cleans @ 50%
5 Hollow Rocks
80m Run
(x15 Min)


Beginner Progressions:
Back Squat:
A: 5×10 Unloaded Back Squats
B: 5×10 Goblet Squats (first 60 Days)

Hang Cleans: Muscle Cleans
Tier 2: (x20 Min) to build aerobic base level of endurance

Advanced Development:
Back Squat: 8×2 Speed Squats @70% w/ 1′ Rest
Hang Cleans (T2): Touch and Go Power Cleans

In Order to Perform Touch and Go Power Cleans in Tier 2:
Men – 185# hang clean
Women – 125# hang clean


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Split Jerk Footwork:
5 Splits with PVC
5 Jerk Balance

Main movement:
10-15 minutes to work up to 1RM Split Jerk       → Beginners: 5×5 Push Jerk
7 x 1 Back off sets (-10%)

Isometric work:
3 x 1 min Wall Sits

Tuesday, 4/19

Daily News and Notes:


*Benefits of the DB Snatch – This movement tends to fall by the wayside in favor of the barbell snatch, and that’s a mistake.  There is a reason we, and other gyms across the nation, stock dumbbells along with barbells.  They both have different benefits the other can’t achieve.  For dumbbells, the stability requirements are much greater as you are relying on just a single shoulder to stabilize the weight overhead.  As such, with one side of the body heavily weighted, the other side must create counter stabilization in order to achieve balance.   This provides work on the obliques that a barbell typically does not reach, and as far as performance goes I could make a very convincing case that the obliques are the most important of the abdominal family.

It takes power in our legs, transfer of force capability in our core and both strength and stability in our shoulder to finish it off and receive it for a rep.  One single rep from the floor will engage just about every muscle group in your body.

The DB snatch is also a great tool to teach full hip extension, and a very powerful 2nd and 3rd pull, as they cannot be performed correctly without really driving the hips through.

Off-the-floor DB snatches require speed, athleticism and stability that no other movement on this list requires.  If you want more power in your later pulls, get on DB snatches.



Format: Explosive Circuit
Tracking: Bridge Run or “King of the Hill”

First, for Agility and Athleticism
3/s DB Snatch @ 50%
10 Kneeling Ab Pulldowns
8 180 Jumps
5 Plyo Pushups
1 Agility Suicide
(x20 Min)

Then, for Conditioning Finisher
CP: Bridge Run
PB: “King of the Hill Run


Beginner Modifications
DB Snatch Light Muscle Snatches
Plyo PushupsRegular or Kneeling Pushups
Finisher →  Comfortable pace

Advanced Progressions
Plyo Pushups Clock Pushups
FinisherFor Time & Tracking


6 pm (CP)

First, to illicit an endocrine response.
3x 5 Back Squat (75-85%)
3x 5 Deadlift (70-85%)
(2-3min Rest between sets)
Next, Start with A or B, Switch after 15min,
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Close-grip Bench Press
(TF) Wide Grip Bench Press (Same Weight)
(TF) Standing Plate Crush Press
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Weighted Chin-ups
8-11 (TF) Wide Grip Barbell Row
(TF) DB Trap-2 OH Raise
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)
For time remaining:
Barbell “21s”

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

Deck of cards in teams of 4
Face cards = 10 reps
Hearts= pushups with kickouts
Diamonds= Squat Jumps
Spades= V-ups
Clubs= Cal row
Joker= something fun!
* must have all teammates complete reps before flipping 

Wednesday, 4/20

Daily News and Notes:


*Restorative YogaTonight, 8 pm.

*The Benefits of Farmer’s Walks – For the purpose of motor unit recruitment and strength, isometrics (95%) trump both eccentric (88%) and concentric (89%) phases of movement in terms of the percentage of total motor unit recruitment, (1).  Simply put, we are most activated and in use when we are holding weight.

Another reason why isometrics such as farmer’s walks are incredibly beneficial is the amount of time spent under tension (TUT).  Farmer’s walks are essentially non-stop near maximal recruitment of motor units with no eccentric or concentric phase, a huge reason why farmer’s walks will help improve just about every lift across the board.

Farmer’s walks are also excellent for our alignment and for the health of our shoulders, specifically our rotator cuffs.   They are also the most basic and effective form of grip training one can do, and grip is critical if one has any aspirations for heavy deadlifts, snatches or cleans.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP


Format: Muscle & Core Focus
Tracking: You Call It

First, for 5 Rounds.
8 Bench Press @ 60%
5 Box Jumps
80m Farmer Walk

Then, B.U.A.N.
100 Renegade Rows Total
Every time you stop, side shuffle 50m and run back.


Beginner Modifications
Bench PressDB Bench Press (to build stability)
Box Jumps Squat Jumps (to build Achilles tolerance)
Finisher 800m Run to build mono-structural endurance

Advanced Progressions
Bench Press x5 Reps @ 1 + 1/2 Tempo


12p, 6 pm (CP)

Clean Progressions:
10 Clean Deadlifts
10 Clean High-Pulls
Main Movement:
1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Front Squat @ 80%       → Beginners: 2 Hang Cleans + 1 Front Squat
Accessory Work:
5/s Alternating Pistol Squats        → Beginners: Pistols onto a bench
8 Hanging Leg Raises                  → Beginners: V-ups

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

TGU Practice
4 Quarter Get Ups
1 Full TGU
(x8 Min)
10 Thrusters
20 Suitcase Deadlift
30 Tactical Lunges
40 OH Press (Any style)
50 Hook Swings
60 Wrestler’s Row
70 Russian Twists
80 KB Plank Taps
90 KB Flutter Kicks
100 Swings
Core Finisher,
30 Plank Drops
20 Side Plank Crunch
15 Reverse Crunch

Thursday, 4/21

Daily News and Notes:


*NEW** Muscle Class Time – Thursday, 5:30 pm at P360 Pacific Beach. Focus on developing larger, stronger muscles for physique and performance.

**HOT OFF THE PRESS** “The Benefits of Hypertrophy” by Coach Dave.
“More muscle gets you stronger. Not only that, but the further you progress along the curve, the more important hypertrophy work becomes in order to continue progressing. At the onset of a program, I’d say around one to two years, most of your strength gains occur at the neuromuscular level. That is, our body and brain working together more efficiently to perform heavier movement.

However, once you’re past a certain point your body is no longer going to adapt like it once did and you need to focus on strength from a structural level, that is, building the muscle and soft tissue.

Beginners to intermediate level need to not worry about hypertrophy work as much as advanced folks. I’d even make the case that if you focus on hypertrophy work too early, you’re going to limit your strength gains because for the first year or so you want everything dedicated to building your foundation of absolute strength and neuromuscular efficiency. The more you interrupt that path of building strength, the worse off your athletic foundation will be.

But for folks who have a few years of Olympic and power lifting experience under their belt?

You absolutely need to apply some focus towards building muscle if you wish to continue progress in your strength.

Think about it like this. At first, the soldiers you have are being trained on what to do. Then, they get really good at their task. However, at some point they’re as good as they’re going to be and you simply need more soldiers to take on more weight.

This is the process of adding muscle as you progress along the curve.”


Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: You Call It

First, For Strength.
5×5/s Front Rack Reverse Lunges
5 Chin-Ups
Option for All Levels:
5×5 Jefferson Deadlift
Then, for Strength & Cond.
3:3:3 3-Positional Swings
5/s Single Leg RDL
2:1 Halo Curls (x5)
150m Row
(x15 – 20 Min)


Beginner Modifications:
Front Rack Reverse Lunges DB Reverse Lunges
3 Positional Swings 9 RKB Swings (to avoid bad mechanics)
Single Leg RDL Bodyweight (to build balance)
150m Row 1:2 Stroke to Recovery Ratio

Advanced Progressions:
Chin-Ups Add Weight
Jefferson Deadlift – A little about it, here


5:30 – PB

First, to illicit and endocrine response.
3x 5 Front Squat (75-85%)
3x 5 Jefferson Deadlift (Heavy)
(2-3min Rest between sets)
Next, Start with A or B, Switch after 15min,
Superset A:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Wide Grip Pull-ups
8-11 (TF) KB Bent Row (Wide Finish)
(TF) Bent Over Plate Flys
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)

Superset B:
3 sets of:
8-11 (TF) Strict BB Press
8-11 (TF) DB Lateral Raise
(TF) DB Front Raise (same weight)
(STRICT 90 sec Rest between sets)
For time remaining:
10x 10-count Negative Push-ups


7a – CP

Increasing in reps by 2 every round for 20 minutes
2,4,6,8,10 etc
KB headcutters
KB facing burpees
Double Unders
200m Run
To Finish:
50 K2E
50 flutter kicks
50 supermen
50 plank kickouts

Friday, 4/22

Daily New and Notes:


*Understanding Your Ability – Today is on of those days where we talk about understanding your abilities, and understanding your limits. The reason that we only grant timed challenges to folks whom we’ve arbitrarily labeled “advanced” is very simple. We are looking out for your safety and your progress. You want to learn how to move, then move under load, then, and only then, do you learn how to move quickly under load for time. So respect the process, push yourself to get better and be sure you are always working on what makes the most sense for your body. It’s all about providing you a workout that gets you better for exactly where you are, and what you need.

Today, the qualifications for time are:

Men – 6 Month Membership + Sub 7:30 Mile + 350# Deadlift
Women – 6 Month Membership + Sub 8:00 Mile + 200# Deadlift


“For Whom the Bell Tolls”
Format: Endurance Challenge
Tracking: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Time

800m Row
75 RKB Swings to Shoulder Height
2 Burpees every time you set the bell down
800m Run

Bell Weight:
53# / 36#


Beginner Modifications:
Not for time! Comfortable pace.
800m Run

10 RKB Swings
10 Push-Ups
10 Sit-Ups

800m Run

Advanced Progression:
Format For Time

Bell Weight:


Men – 6 Month Membership + Sub 7:30 Mile + 350# Deadlift
Women – 6 Month Membership + Sub 8:00 Mile + 200# Deadlift


12p (CP)

Main Movement:
Work up to a 3RM Push Press
(15-20 min)

Upper Body Assistance Work:
5 DB Bench Press
45” Reverse Plank

10 DB Tate Presses
20 Band Face Pulls
15/s KB Side Bends

6a (PB)

For time:
30 DB snatch 50/30
30 HR pushups
500m Run
30 DB squat jumps
30 situps
500m run
30 OHSwings
30e Lunges
500m run
30 burpees
30 DB thruster
500m run
x2 (no running in 2nd round)

Mobility [Shoulders]
5:30 (PB)

Saturday, 4/23

Daily New and Notes:



*The Scientific Findings of the 40″:20″ Protocol: Nicolo et al observed in Neuromuscular and metabolic responses to high-intensity intermittent cycling protocols that this specific 40:20 timing of work to rest ration has been shown to produce higher metabolic values than any other form of Tabata protocol. This result will be fat burning and improvement in VO2 Max (work capacity).


Format: Double Circuits

1st Circuit: 40:20 Work/Rest 
BW squats
Hurdle or Plate Hops
Renegade Rows
Farmer Holds
2 min rest
2nd Circuit:  Descending Reps and Run/Row
DB Snatches
Russian Twists
MB Slams
500m run(1), 400m row(2), 300m run(3), 200m row(4), 100m run(5)

OPEN GYM: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 4/17

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP