Monday, 4/11

Daily News and Notes:

*Workout Specific Mobility Homework – Spinal rotation, neck and trap mobility (HERE)

Overall Focus: Today we have highly diversified movement planes. We have saggital movements, which are most movements that we do. These involve flexion and ex  tension. Today we have transverse movements (rotation) and frontal plane movements (abduction and adduction). The result is hitting our major muscles, as well as lots of stabilizers and small, important muscles that don’t often receive focus.

*RKB Swing Focus: Don’t forget about your arms! To avoid hyper extension in the low back, use your arms as much as you do your hips to generate power.


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Daily Challenge

Format: High Rep w/ EMOM

Perform the movement on the left. E.M.O.M, perform the movement on the right associated with that movement.

For Fat Loss & Conditioning,
50 RKB Swings + 5 Russian Twists
50 Push-Ups + 4 Pendulum Swings
50 KB Deadlift + 10 Flutter Kicks
50 Ring Rows + 5 Squat Jumps
50 Rope Slams + 3 Burpees
50 Monster Walks + 2/s BW RDL
(x2, second round 25 reps of main movement)

All bell movements:
Men – 53# or 44#
Women – 35# or 26#


Beginner Progressions:

Format: Never exceed 10 reps at a time. 1x through at 50 reps.
Burpees -> Sub MB Slams
Bell Movements: Scale weight as needed

Advanced Development:
Format: 1x through, 100 of everything

All bell movements:
Men – 62#
Women – 44#

Specialty Classes

12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: To work on heavy single snatches with little rest time to encourage focusing on form even during fatigue.

Snatch Progressions:
10 Snatch Deadlifts
10 Snatch High-Pulls

Main movement:
10 x 1 @ 80% with 1 min rest between each (full snatch if capable)

Snatch Assistance Work:
3 x 8 Behind-the-Neck Press (DB Strict press for beginners)

Tuesday, 4/12

Daily News and Notes:

*Workout Specific Mobility Homework:  Check out our “Achieving an Easier Front Rack” how to.

*Elbows Drive the Bus Think of your elbows like the steering wheel for your front squat. Where they go, your body goes, so if you let them drop your upper body will be pulled forward. If you keep them up, you will squat in good alignment and your torso will stay tall as is it should. Big breathe into he belly, and keep those elbows up!

*Glute Bridges –  These teach our core to stabilize when in hip extension, an important part of preventing low back pain and injury. Don’t hyper-extend and the top and don’t crash down, ignoring the eccentric. More muscle damage occurs in the eccentric and we want to breakdown the glutes and hams a bit here to develop the soft tissue.


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Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

First for Strength,
5×5 Front Squat @ 50-75%
10 DB Hammer Curls

Then, For Muscle and Multi-Planar Function.
10/s Half Kneeling Band Chops
10 Seated Reverse Flies
10 Barbell Glute Bridges
80m Farmer Walk
(x15 – 20 Minutes)


Beginner Modifications
Front Squats5×10 Goblet Squat
Glute Bridgesw/ just a bumper

Advanced Progressions
Front Squat 5×3 @ 80%
Glute BridgesHip Thrusts (More ROM)

Specialty Classes

6 pm (CP)

3×12 Jefferson Deadlift

Then, for hamstring and biceps
4x 8/s One Leg Barbell RDL
4x 8 Chin-Ups

3x 10 Assisted Partner Hamstring Curls
3x 12 Safford Curls

If Time Remains
200m Deceleration Work

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

“Death by 400”
400m run
50-40-30-20-10 bw squats
25-20-15-10-5 push-ups (adv. W/weight)
400m run
50-40-30-20-10 sit-ups
50-40-30-20-10 DU (sub singles)
400m run
30 frog burpees

Wednesday, 4/13

Daily News and Notes:

*Workout Specific Mobility Homework:  Check out our “Achieving an Easier Front Rack” how to.

*Understanding Your AbilityToday is on of those days where we talk about understanding your abilities, and understanding your limits. The reason that we only grant timed challenges to folks whom we’ve arbitrarily labeled “advanced” is very simple. We are looking out for your safety and your progress. You want to learn how to move, then move under load, then, and only then, do you learn how to move quickly under load for time. So respect the process, push yourself to get better and be sure you are always working on what makes the most sense for your body.

Qualifications to perform Advanced “for time” progression today:
Men – 185# jerk + Sub 8 mile + 8 strict pull-ups
Women – 115# jerk + sub 8:30 mile + 1 strict pull-up

Qualifications to perform middle of the board:
3 – 6 months training

*Restorative YogaTonight, 8 pm.


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Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP

Daily Challenge

Format: Metabolic Circuit

Moving at a Swift Pace.
10 Push Jerk
5 Plate GTO
5 Pull-Ups
80m Run
5x200m Row Sprints


Beginner Modifications
Push Jerk6 DB Push Press to build shoulder function
Pull-Ups Perform 8 to build volume
Finisher 800m Run to build mono-structural endurance

Advanced Progressions
Tier 1 : For Time at Rx Weight
10 Push Jerk (95#/65#)
5 Plate GTO (45#/25#)
3:1 Pull-Ups (M:W)
200m Run

Finisher None, intense enough

Specialty Classes

12p, 6 pm (CP)

Focus: On technique, bar speed off the floor, and keeping the load on the CNS light so that you’re not fried afterwards.

Main movement:
10 x 2 Speed Deadlifts @ 75%

Deadlift Assistance Work:
12 KB Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
10/side DB Lateral Stationary Lunges
20 Banded Leg Curls

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB

12 Double KB Thruster
5 Hollow Chin Up
12 Heavy swing
X 15m
10 Hanging knee raises
10 Plank Walk w/ twist
10 V Ups
10 Plank Walk w/ twist
X 10-12m
6/s Curtsy Lunge
12 Squat Curls
12 KB Snatch

Thursday, 4/14

Daily News and Notes:

*Wednesday Leaderboard


  1. Mike Travis, 10:27
  2. Kyle Atkinson, 10:28
  3. Mark Niznik, 10:52
  4. Jarrod Collins, 11:26
  5. Agustin Cmet, 11:28



  1. Kristen Trammell, 11:41
  2. Lauren Faison, 11:46
  3. M.J. DeJonckheere, 11:58
  4. Amy Beaver, 12:12
  5. Nicole Choi, 12:32

*NEW** Muscle Class Time – Thursday, 5:30 pm at P360 Pacific Beach. Focus on developing larger, stronger muscles for physique and performance.

*Workout Specific Mobility Homework – Achieving an easier front rack. (HERE)


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Daily Challenge

“E. Honda”
Format: 2-Tier

First, For Strength
5×5 Hang Cleans @ 50-75%
5 Chin-Ups
Then, for Fat Loss & Conditioning
6:6 Hang Clean Cluster @ 40%
200m Run
(x15 Min)


Beginner Modifications:
Hang Cleans Muscle Cleans to develop pattern
Tier 2 20 Minutes, to build aerobic endurance

Advanced Progressions:
Tier 1 Option 5×2 Full Cleans @ 85%
Chin-Ups Add Weight
Tier 2 Hang Cleans No Clusters, 12 with barbell cycling

Specialty Classes

5:30 – PB

2×12 Front Squat @ 50%

Then, for Quads
4×10 Close Stance Zombie Box Squat @40% (of Front Squat)
4×10 American Sit-Up

4×8/s Elevated Assisted Hack Squat
4×10 Decline DB Floor Press

If Time Permits
200m KB Waiter’s Walk

7a – CP

Tabata Protocol (20″/10″ x 8):
Bench hovers
Burpee bar touch
American sit-ups

800m run
15 unbroken banded pullups x4
20 unbroken goblet squats x4
800m run

Friday, 4/15

Daily New and Notes:

*Workout Specific Mobility Homework – Hamstrings. (HERE)

*Row Progressions – There are three progressions for folks on our rows today. The reason we learn on the bench first, is so your lower body doesn’t have to worry about stabilizing your upper body. You’re able to just hit the working muscles. On the opposite end of the spectrum, more advanced folks who have years of rowing pattern developed will load up heavy and focus mainly on the concentric in the Pendlay Row.

Ring Face Pulls – When you pull, ensure the elbows are even with the shoulders. These are not ring rows! We are targeting the scaps and different muscles of the rear delt. The lats and biceps shouldn’t do much work on these.


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Daily Challenge

“M. Bison”
Format: Muscle Circuit

First, For Muscle & Strength.
10 Barbell Rows
5/s Plank Pull Throughs
10 Ring Face Pulls
10/s Hamstring Isolation Curls
30” Farmer Hold
(x25 Min)
Then, with a Partner.
Suicide Sprint Rotation


Beginner Modifications:
Barbell Rows DB Row on bench

Advanced Progression:
Barbell RowsPendlay Rows
Farmer HoldDouble Bottom’s Up Hold, for isometrics

Specialty Classes

12p (CP)

Focus: To work on quick, explosive back squats. Will transfer over to helping jumping ability and sprinting – really hitting those type II muscle fibers in a main lift.

Main movement:
10 x 2 Speed Squats @ 70%
AMRAP set @ 70%
Squat Assistance Work:
10/leg KB Step-ups
20 Band Pull Throughs
10 Prisoner Sit-Ups

6a (PB)

30 Min AMRAP:
200m run
10 squats
Down and back burpee broad jump
10 squats
15e lawnmower rows
10 jumping MB slams
5 ab rollouts
3 hell trots

Finish: 3 max Rev. Plank

Mobility [Narrow Grip Overhead Mobility]
5:30 (PB)

Focus will be more toward shoulder movement and OH press/jerk/swing mobility.

Saturday, 4/16

Daily New and Notes:

*Goal of our Metabolic InterruptionThe goal is to avoid a steady, slow state cardio and take your body in and out of anaerobic work (power). We want to go hard in a short amount of time, recover, and then repeat. More oxygen demand, greater effort, more calories burned and working towards a higher VO2 max and work capacity.

This is opposed to a slow, moderate effort workout sustained at the same pace for thirty minutes, which can be a fine workout, just not what we are going for in today’s training.

*Athletic ImplementsWith sled pulls, sprints, jumps and battling ropes, this will be a highly athletic-focused circuit today.


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Daily Challenge

“Chun Li”
Format: Metabolic Interruptions

Rest 90” where Y exists

30 RKB Swings
40m Sled Drag
100m Run → 100m Jog
3×20 Rope Wave Clusters
10 Split Lunge Jumps
30” Plank


Beginner Modifications:
30 Kettlebell Swings 10:10:10 Cluster

Advanced Progression:
100m RunSprint

Open Gym: 9a – 12p @ P360 PB

Sunday, 4/17

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP

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