Monday, 3/28

Daily News and Notes:

*Why Lunge? – Single leg work affords us a number of benefits that dual leg training does not. First, it requires the ability to stabilize our trunk in a way that is unique to lunges. Second, the deceleration eccentric component is not matched by squats. As you know by now, the eccentric portion of movement is where the most muscle damage occurs. This is why lunges make us more sore than any other movement, because the eccentric is so demanding. (Note: sore does not equal productive. It’s simply a statement of the tissue breakdown the lunge places on the muscles).

In short, if you want the strength of two-leg training to improve, involve some components of single leg.

In order to activate the glutes to their fullest potential, drive the heel into the ground rather than the toe.

*Glute Bridges or Thrusts – These teach our core to stabilize when in hip extension, an important preventer of low back pain. They also work the hamstrings and glutes very well.



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Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

First, For Strength.
5/s Barbell Lunge @ Moderate Load
10 Floor Press

Then, for Muscle.
10 Barbell Glute Bridges
5/s DB 1-Leg RDL
10 Goblet Curls
10 Ring Dips

Specialty Classes

12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×2 Clean @ 85%

4×4 Hang Snatch @ 80%

Tuesday, 3/29

Daily News and Notes:

*What Ropes and the (7′ On / 90″ Off) Accomplish? Ropes are an amazing metabolic tool. Most sets are short and intense, and if you go all out on the power based movements, you’ll see improvement in your VO2 Max, which is basically your body’s ability to use oxygen, which correlates to your “go” and motor. The 7′ on/90″ off allows us to stay as anaerobic as possible. This is a better energy system to be in when it comes to fat loss while preserving muscle mass and strength.



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Daily Challenge

“Velvet Glove”
Format: Athletic Circuit (w/ Metabolic Interruptions)

For Fat Loss, Conditioning & Athleticism.
A: 20 Rope Russian Twists
B: 50 Cossack Waves
C: 10/s Double Rope Hooks
5/s Suitcase Deadlift → Strict Press
2 MB Slams → 2 Chevrons (x5)
10 Elevated Renegade Rows
In and Out Ladder Drill
100m Sprint
(x4, 7 Minute Durations)

Finisher, w/ a Partner
A: 200m Sprint
B: Rest

Specialty Classes

6 pm (CP)

First, for Hamstrings, Glutes & Upper Body.
10 Hamstring Good Mornings
10 Pull ups

Then, for Lats, Traps and Delts.
10 DB Lat Pullovers
10/s Farmers Hold + Arnold Press

Then, for Abdominals and Glutes.
For Time Remaining, Amercan Sit Ups

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

5min intervals for 20min:
300m run
15 BW squats
10 pushups

50e split leg crunch
50 situps
50 spidermen
50 plank jacks

Wednesday, 3/30

Daily News and Notes:

*Kettlebell Class Core Focus – In Kettlebell Core class, the movements will always feature a heavy emphasis on the abs and core, as well as traditional bell movements and some other movements we don’t find in the Daily Challenge.

*Restorative Yoga – Don’t forget, tonight and every Wednesday at 8 pm. Bring a mat an a foam roller and get ready to feel and move better.

*Helpful Reading: How to Increase Your Back Squat (by Brenna Bulach)  – Coach Brenna provides a great breakdown of the set-up, descent and ascent.

*Helpful Reading: How to Do More Pull-Ups (by Dave Thomas and Robby Sparango)  Technique, movement and accessory.



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Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP

Daily Challenge

“Higher Ground”
Format: 2-Tier

First, For Goal.
5×3 Back Squat @ 85% (STRENGTH)
5×10 Back Squat @ 60% (GROWTH
10 Push-Ups
Then, For Fat Loss & Conditioning
10:8:6:4:2, Increase Load as Volume Decreases.
Goblet Squat
Squat Jumps
80m Run

Specialty Classes

Kettlebell Core
5:30p – PB
**NEW FORMAT** Kettlebell class will now carry a heavy emphasis on training the core. 

Warm Up:
Shoulder tap plank w/push up x 5
Duck Walk x 10
Partner Workout
A. One Arm KB Thruster 6/s
B. Flutter Kicks
A. One Arm Swing 12/s
B. Plank
A. 20’ Rack Walk to 5 Pull Ups to 20’ Rack Walk
B. Crunches
Side Plank Leg Lift 12
Side Skullers 12
Superman 12
Tabata Swings x 4m

12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×5 Bench Press @ 80%
12 Barbell Curls

5 Box Jumps
8 Glute Ham Curls

Thursday, 3/31

Daily News and Notes:

*Helpful Reading: Learning the Hook Grip (by Caitlin Friedhoff, USAW)  – Coach Caitlin provides a great breakdown of the hook grip and its benefits.


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Daily Challenge

“Venice Queen”
Format: 2-Tier

For Fat Loss & Conditioning.
3 Hang Cleans @ 80%
Every 3 Minutes.
(x15 Minutes)

2 Minute Rest

Then, for Fat Loss & Conditioning
5 Touch & Go Power Cleans @ 50%
100m Row
80m Run
(x12 Min)

Specialty Classes

7a – CP

for time, score is total reps completed:
400m run
1:30min max 1 leg burpees
400m run
1:30min max v-ups
400m run
1:30min max overhead lunges
400m run
1:30min max spidermen with pushup

finish: BUAN
60 banded tricep ext.
30 AB rollouts
2min plank

Friday, 4/1

Daily New and Notes:

*The Metabolic Benefits of the EMOM – We’re simply taking advantage of the work:rest ratio in the EMOM. Because the nature of the pace is pre-determined, it allows us to just focus on completing the two movements as quickly as possible and then take full advantage of programmed rest periods. This provides a high level of fat burning while also preserving our power, and strength.

*FireFighter Aid Fundraiser – Just a reminder, our fundraiser for 6-year old Mason of the FireFighter Aid family is Saturday, April 9th. See the link here for full details:

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Daily Challenge

“On Mercury”
Format: Partner E.M.O.M

First, 10 Minute Partner E.M.O.M.
A: 5 Push Press
B: 1/s Goblet Side Lunge

Rest 2 Minutes

Then, 10 Minute Partner E.M.O.M.
A: 10 Plate Hop-Overs
B: 1.5 Hell Trots

Specialty Classes

12p (CP)

5×5 Overhead Squat

Then, Muscle Superset.
10 DB Chest Flies
6 Weighted Chin-Ups
12 Pendlay Rows

6a (PB)

500m row
50 goblet squats
50 pushups with rotation
800m run
50 step ups
50 situps
500m row
50 renegade rows
50 curtsy lunges
800m run

Mobility [Snatch and OHS Positioning]
5:30 (PB)

Starting Stretches:
PVC Pass Thru
Seated Banded OH Press
Ankle and Wrist end ROM holds
x10 min

No Resistance Work:
90/90s (vid)
Duck Walks
Global Hip Rotation
Global Shoulder Rotation
Ankle flexion Toe Taps

Band Work:
Squat holds
Squat w/internal taps (vid)
Single or Double OH Squat reps
-reverse shoulder pulses
-reps with end ROM hold

Saturday, 4/2

Daily New and Notes:

*The Scientific Findings of the 40″:20″ Protocol: Nicolo et al observed in Neuromuscular and metabolic responses to high-intensity intermittent cycling protocols that this specific 40:20 timing of work to rest ration has been shown to produce higher metabolic values than any other form of Tabata protocol. This result will be basically lots of fat burning and improvement in VO2 Max (work capacity)

Saturday Open Gym – A reminder that hours are 9a – 12p.



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Daily Challenge

“Slow Cheetah”
Format: 40″:20″ Tabata Protocl

40”:20” Sets
3 Sets Per Station.
1 Minute Rest Between Stations.
Complete 2 Total Rounds.

A: Max Distance Row
B: 1-Arm DB Thrusters
C: Plank
D: High Knees w/Plate Extension
E: RKB Swing

Open Gym: 9a – 12p @ PB

Sunday, 4/3

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Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP

Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP