Monday, 1/4

Daily Challenge

Format: Circuit + Finisher

First, For 25 Minutes
5/s Barbell Lunges
5/s Lawnmower Row
5 Weighted Hollow Rock
5/s Waiter Press
To Finish,
50 KB Hammer Curls + Goblet Squats

(B.U.A.N. Each set, you must match the amount of curls you do with goblet squats without setting the bell down.)


12p, 6 pm (CP)

4×4 Deadlifts @ 80%

5 Barbell Squat Jumps
5 Weighted Pull-Ups

Tuesday, 1/5

Daily Challenge

Format: 3-Tier

First, for Strength
4×4 Hang Cleans @ 75%

Then, for Fat Loss & Cond.
8 Ring Tricep Extensions
4/s Exchange Swings
5 Ab Rollouts
80m Run
(x15 Minutes)

To Finish,
800m Burnout U-Call-It Row or Run


6 pm (CP)

4 sets:
5x Box Squat
Max Split Squat Pulse

4 sets:
10x 10-Count Push-ups (negative push-ups)

4 sets:
16 Heaving Hammer Curls (alternating clean curls 8/s)
Max Plate Curls

7 am (CP)
4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p (PB)

4 Rounds
400m run or row
20 Ovrhd Lunges
20 Ren Row Burpees
10e Leg Drives
50 situps odd rounds/ 50 spidermen even rounds

To Finish
1 min squat hold, 1 min plank x2


Wednesday, 1/6

Daily Challenge

“Big Sur”
Format: Extended Circuit

For Total Body Work,
10 You-Call-It KB Deadlift*
6 Rear Delt  Ring Flies
10 Alt. MB Scissor Pushups
6 Pull-Ups
80m 1-arm Oblique Carry
200m Row
(x35 Minutes)

*Advanced: Single Leg Double KB RDL
Beginner: Suitcase Deadlifts


12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×2 Hang Snatch @ 85%

4×8 Zercher Squats

*It is recommended you bring a hoodie to class to pad your elbows for Zercher Squats.

Restorative Yoga
8 pm – CP

Thursday, 1/7

Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

First, For Strength
4 Push Jerks @ 75%
6 MB Slams

Then, For Fat Loss & Cond.
3/s DB Rotational Clean & Jerk
4×5 Mountain Climbers to KB Ren. Row
5 Plank Up → Pushup → Kickout
100m Row Sprint
(x20 Minutes)


7a – CP

6x500m sprint row relay with partner

15min EMOM
Odd: 10 burpee over hurdle
Even: 10 elevated goblet curtseys

10 Ab Rollers
10e Side Plank Dips
20 V-ups


5:30p – PB

5 mins clean work
5 clean + push press R,L
30″ farmers hold
8 preacher squats
Windmill cool down

Friday, 1/8

Daily Challenge

“Joshua Tree”
Format: 2-Tier

First, For Muscle Growth.
10 Back Squats @ 50%
10 DB Bench Press
10 KB Rows

Then, For Agility & Athleticism.
3 Tri-Directional Bounds
5/s Bazooka Side Lunges
80m Agility Course
(x15 Minutes)



12p (CP)

5×3 Bench Press @ 85%
(5×5 for beginners)

1 Pendlay March

6a (PB)

5 rounds:
80m Fishbowl carry ( 10 goblet squats every time in and out the door)
2 lengths of burpee broad jump
10 American situps
15 Spidermen pushuups
20 bench hopovers
30 supermen

To Finish:
50 situps
50e side crunch
100 flutter kicks
50 toe touches

5:30 (PB)

Coming Soon

Saturday, 1/9

Daily Challenge

Format: High Volume Circuit

For 2 Rounds,
50/25 RKB Swings
50/25 Archer Push-Ups
50/25 Alternating Chest Hugs
50/25 Lunge Passthroughs (total)
50/25 Rope Slams
300m Sprint after each round


Open Gym: 9a – 1p @ PB


Vinyasa Yoga: 9a @ CP
Open Gym: 10 – 12p @ CP