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There will not be open gym all week long due to set-up at P360 Crown Point.

Restorative Yoga @ 8 pm tonight

Daily Challenge: “High Fidelity”

Format: Challenge Day

3 Rounds for Time!

50 OH Swings (44# red / 26# orange)
25 Burpees
25 Pull-Ups (15 for women who don’t use bands)
25 Sit-Ups
300m Run (3rd Bench)

Format Notes

  • Track time only if you are meeting the highest requirements of the workout, which would be the kettlebell weight listed and no bands for pull-ups.  Otherwise, it does not do any good to go as fast as you can if you are still building your foundation.
  • Complete all reps listed before moving on to the next movement.
  • 300m run comes last regardless of where you start.


Movement Notes

  • KB Swing – Select weight you can easily swing the bell over the back part of the head without hyperextending your lumbar spine.
  • Burpees  – Make sure to execute a clap overhead on each rep.
  • Pull-Ups – Strict, chin to bar and then full elbow extension.
  • Sit-Ups – Double tap hand rule


P360 Endurance, 6 pm @ Bonita Cove

Format: Sprint Ladder
Location: Bonita Cove
Sprint / Recover
3 Rounds:

20 sec on / 60 sec off
20 sec on / 50 sec off
20 sec on / 40 sec off
20 sec on / 30 sec off
20 sec on / 20 sec off
20 sec on / 10 sec off
Next round immediately after 10 sec recovery

Finisher: 10 minute sand run