Track Today’s Movements

There will be no Open Gym time today.

Daily Challenge: “Mr. Burns”


Proficient – 5 x 2 Hang Cleans
Beginner – 5 x 10 at light weight to learn


Fat Loss circuit for up to 20 minutes or time cap, whichever occurs first.



  • Hang Cleans: Focus on speed underneath the bar.  Create a large triangle by drawing the hips back on the descent and then firing your hips forward to close it shut.


FL/Conditioning: 30 minutes

10 BB Rows x 2

10 Box Jumps
8 Chin Ups
300m Run


  • Barbell Rows: Address the barbell like a deadlift.  Shins right against it and draw the hips back to create tension.  Perform 10 reps, set the bar down for a few seconds.  Perform 10 more reps.  Work in and out with one another.  Let someone else hop in during your rest.
  • Chin Ups: A bit more narrow grip than pull-ups.  Palms facing you.  Make extra effort to reach full extension as it can be a bit more difficult in chin up position.
  • Box Jumps: These are high reps so make sure that you focus on your landing and a level that you can hit a repeatable 10 reps.  Go lower than you think.


P360 Kettlebells: 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

10 Hand-to-Hand Swings
5 Thrusters (Right)
10 Hand-to-Hand Swings
5 Thrusters (Left)
5 Windmills (Right)
5 Windmills (Left)
5 Goblet Squats w/ Pause