Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier

5×2 Snatch

5 KB Jerks
10 Double Hurdle Hops
5 MB Slams


P360 Barbell
6a, 12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×2 Front Squat

5×5/s 1-Arm Bench Press
5×5 Weighted Pull-Ups


5:30 (MB)

5×8 DB Wall Hinge Taps
5×5/sd Single Leg RDL (holding 2 KBs)

10 Conventional Deadlifts
80m Run

Time Trials: “The Joker”

6:00p (MB Outdoor)

10-8-6 Rounds of Dirty 30
1000m Run

A Few Things to Focus on in the Snatch

The snatch is a much easier movement to learn than the clean. Here’s how to simplify it.

  • Think about the barbell moving as a result of your jump and your shrug, not your arms. The more power you create from your lower half, the better.
  • Pull the barbell up, do not swing it out. The bar path should be mostly vertical.
  • Drop under the bar quickly.

Jump and catch. Jump and catch. Jump and catch.

Tell yourself that over and over, and simplify the complex.