Daily Challenge

Format: Circuit + Finisher

First, For 25 Minutes.
10:5 OH KB Swing + BW Squat
10:5 Pushup + Chevron
10:5 V-Ups + Hollow Rock
10:5 Renegade Row + Curl
80m Run

To Finish,
1000m Row For Time


P360 Barbell
6a, 12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×5 OH Squats

5 x 2 Snatch

To Finish,
25/s Heavy DB Snatch

5:30 (MB)

5×5 Pendlay Jump and Catch

5×5 Jump and Catch w/ Descent and Pause

10×5 Hang Snatch

Time Trials: “Voorhies”

6:00p (MB Outdoor)

1.5 Mile Run
200 RB Swings (44#/26#)
1.5 Mile Run

Improve your 1000m Row Time

  • Aim for efficiency, not speed. Think a stroke rate in the mid 20s with power on each stroke.
  • Aim for a two to three second recovery after each strike.
  • Drive with your legs, through your heels.
  • Grip the handle free and easy, do not over choke.

Now go forth and work.