Daily Challenge

Format: 2-Tier
Tracking: Back Squat (click P360 Virtual Whiteboard button above)

First, Slowly.
5×5 Back Squat @ 75%
Rest 2 min between sets

Then, Very Quickly.
10 OH KB Swings
10 Ring Rows
200m Run



P360 Barbell
6a, 12p, 6p (CP)

5×5 Muscle Cleans

5×3 Front Squat Complex @ 85%
Hang Clean + 3 Front Squats

5×2 Touch and Go Power Cleans @ 75%


5:30p (MB)

Skill work:
-5×8 KB Hinge Taps
-5×5/sd Single Leg RDL
-5×8 Conventional Deadlifts @ 35%

10:1 Conventional Deadlifts (not to exceed 50%)
80m Run

Time Trial: “Dr. Evil”
6p (MB Outdoor)

Catamaran Run
100 OH Swings (44#/26#)
100 BW Squats
Catamaran Run

Scale Weight as Needed, No Scale on Distance



 Training Notes

“How to dial in your squat breathing”

We posted a similar entry last week in regards to front squats and it bears repeating.

  1. Unrack the barbell
  2. Assume squat stance
  3. Deep inhale into the belly
  4. Squat
  5. Exhale at top of the rep.

You perform the rep with held breath, stabilized and pressured.  Mastering your breathing tempo is the single most important thing you can learn in weightlifting.