Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge: “Kramer”
Format: 2-Tiers
Tracking: Front Squats (click P360 Virtual Whiteboard button above)

First, Slowly.
8 Front Squats @ 50%
8/s DB Bench Rows

Then, w/ a Partner.
500:100m Ladder
Go down, then go up


P360 Kettlebell
5p & 6p @ P360 Crown Point

Station A
3/s- C&J/kneeling get-up/windmill

Station B
80m preacher walks

P360 Muscle
7:30p @ P360 Mission Beach

5×15 Back Squats @ 60%
3 min. rest between sets

20 UH Grip Barbell Rows
20 DB Bench Press

 Training Notes

Breathing on the Front Squat
The front squat cannot be performed properly unless your breathing is dialed in! To do so, focus on the following.

  1. Unrack the barbell and get into your squat stance.
  2. Inhale (into the belly).
  3. Squat.
  4. Exhale at the top.

The key here is that you are performing the rep with a held breath. If you are huffing and puffing for each rep, your elbows will drop and your core will de-stabilize. A big no-no in the front squat.

Notice Melissa’s held breath at the bottom. Her core is tight, elbows are up and her gaze is straight ahead!

Dial in your breathing and you’ll dial in your reps!