EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute, and in the case of today, it means Every Other Minute on the Minute (EOMOM). It’s a mouthful.

The reason that we do EMOM workouts and their offshoots are for a few intended benefits, but three in particular stick out.

Challenges Position
By nature, the EMOM does not have a ton of rest. Today has a little bit more, but we close that gap by increasing the demand with heavier load (60%) than we normally would in an EMOM. This sort of high output with little rest challenges our ability to hold a position.

Why does that matter?

Because successfully holding a position under fatigue means strength. Only strong people can achieve repeatable positions when they are tired. A strong body under fatigue is a resilient body.

Increases Work Capacity
The EMOM asks for lots of reps in not a lot of time. This improves our ability to do a better job of completing work. In general, it elevates our ability to get intense fitness tasks completed. Compounded over time, an increased work capacity means more volume, more stimulus, and greater adaptation.

We should always be striving to increase our work capacity.

Concentrated Fitness
The reduced rest period creates more stress in a shorter amount of time, meaning greater adaptation. If we constantly lifted in controlled, prescribed settings then adaptation would slow. We always want to be introducing a little safe chaos to the mix, to keep the body adapting and deliver returns on time and effort investment.

Enjoy, and make sure to follow prescription protocol.


Wednesday, 12.19.18

First. 14’ EOMOM
Every Other Minute on the Minute.
6 Deadlifts @60%
8 Tuck Jumps
8 Hollow Rocks

Then. For Quality.
1 Rope Pull AFAP + Return Drag
100m Run @80%
10 DB Sumo Squats
10 Wall Balls
80m SA Front Rack Carry

PHASE 1: Row Test option