WED: Why Am I So Tired After Rope Pulls?

Today is the final day to enroll in our BLOCK 3 6-Week Nutrition Revival. If you have any performance or physique goals, make sure you’re part of the program.

You may have noticed that it’s hard to maintain your energy levels in workouts that contain rope pulls. The reason for that is it’s usage of our internal torque chainand as we learned, primarily taps into our Parasympathetic Nervous System.

When we are this system (the opposite of external torque “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous), we are in a flow state. We are much more “relaxed”, and because our body doesn’t perceive any immediate threat in the movement, it begins to calm. You start to yawn mid workout and afterwards, feel like you might need to go home and take a nap.

Nothing is wrong, you didn’t under fuel yourself.

That’s simply a side effect of working such a hyper-focused internal torque movement.


Wednesday, 3.27.19

First. In a 10’ EMOM
8 Lunge Jumps

Then. For Conditioning
Max Push Ups + Rope Pull AFAP
Reverse Return Drag
10 Renegade Rows
30 Plate Flutter Kicks
200m Run