WED: Why 40%?

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You’ll notice that today Coach Julianne has prescribed a very specific percentage in your second tier. At 40%, we are substantially lower than the range we’d use to train strength (75%+), which means that we want you to bring some intention today that you will move quickly and powerfully with the barbell.

In a conditioning tier, the aim is not to train strength. If you try and do so, you’ll end up training yourself to be weak and slow, since you’ll be too tired to produce enough power to get stronger, and you’ll move too slow to get the conditioning dose. So, you’ll just kind of get an all around average workout.

Scale back, perform sound reps at the prescribed weight, and move quickly.


Wednesday, 3.14.18

First, For Strength
5 Jerks @60-80%
5/s RDL KB Handoffs
Complete 1 set very 4′ for 16′

Then, For Conditioning
Hang Power Cleans @40%
Renegade Side Raises
RDL Power Jumps
BW Squats
200m Run