WED: Welcoming Doesn’t Mean Tolerant of Apathy

Over the seven years we’ve existed, we’ve been told countless times that we’re the most welcoming gym someone has attended.

We are welcoming, yes. We spend time as a staff on this and to be honest, probably allocate as many resources towards our execution of this than any fitness principle we have. It’s just, for some, welcoming means the perception that apathy will be tolerated.

This is a give and take community. Our environment is a successful one because everyone contributes. You have the right to a coach who is energetic and enthusiastic, and in turn, we expect a room that will reciprocate that. Pass your energy onto your barbell partners, and if you are lacking that day, pick some up from the room.

When you become part of our environment, our promise to you is an egalitarian mindset when it comes to your background and your goals. All will be treated with respect and handled with care. Yet, we expect something in return. We expect that you will ditch any apathetic ways you might have had accommodated by other people or places, and we expect you to trade that apathy for awakened interest.

Give us your huddled masses. Yes. Always. Just those in the huddle who are ready to respond to the challenge.

We don’t have time or resources for indifference.


Wednesday, 9.12.18

First, for Structure.
1 Uneven Rope Pull
Lateral Return Drag
100m ALL OUT Sprint – walk return
*4 Rds in 20’*

Then, for Conditioning.
3/s DB Snatch + Reverse Lunge
100m Run
6 H2H Swings + 6 Halos
100m Run

Phase 1: Goblet Squat Test
Advanced: “Triathlon”