WED: We Drive, But You Give the Directions

The analogy I like to think about when it comes to the symbiotic behavior that is a community gym, is that we drive the bus, but you’re sitting shotgun giving us the directions. Collaboratively, we get to where we want to go together.

We can put anything in place that we want, but if its not supported by your actions, then it doesn’t do much good, now does it? This makes you guys the ultimate shareholders in what we’re doing, because without your approval actions, we can’t move forward.

With this dynamic in place, we’ve examined a few opportunities to improve what we deliver to you and eliminate what’s not being consumed. In July, we’ll be moving to the following schedule late morning/midday.

MON: 10/11 PSC
TUE: 10/11 PSC
WED: 10/11 PSC
THUR: 11 PSC/12 OLY (no alteration)
FRI: 11/12 PSC 

The most notable omission is the 12pm timeslot from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Simply put, it does not draw nearly enough to substantiate the resources put behind it. It’s time to try and see what does, so based on receiving feedback from our poll, the 10am is the direction we’re heading.

You’ve also noticed the addition of a Friday MUSCLE class based on behaviors. We’ll continue to look at both Friday and MUSCLE to ensure it’s operating as effectively as possible for you.

This situation is fluid and ever evolving. Remember, if you like something or don’t, provide directions with your actions and we’ll always react accordingly.


Wednesday, 6.13.18

First, for Structure.
1 Seated Rope Pull
5/s BSS
6 Ab Rollouts
Complete 1 set every 5′ for 20′

Then, for Conditioning.
10 Ring Rows
10 Pistols (5/s)
10 DB Push Press
10 Goblet Cossack Squats
8 Calorie Row @ 75%
(x16 Min)