WED: Tier 1 10-Rep Option

We’re very excited to roll out rep options in tier one that aren’t ALL about pure strength. Those of you who are super OG, like six year member OG, might remember when we had our Reps for Goal theme in tier one back in the day. The idea being that you can train the movement in the rep scheme that is fine tuned for your goal.

Well, that is back and in a more refined, organized manner.

The summary of it is super easy.

If you want to train a bit more focused on the strength, then stick with your 5R option. If you want to train a little bit more for muscle and physique, then train the 10R option.

These options will be permanent for the powerlifting days (strength, deadlift, bench press), and we’ll be slowly working in options on weightlifting days (clean and jerk, snatch) that make sense.While they certainly won’t always be 5R and 10R, there will be options for STRENGTH and MUSCLE.

You might consider the MUSCLE option if any of the following pertain to you:

  • Your body doesn’t respond well to strength-based lower reps.
  • You want to focus on building lean muscle. 
  • Your goals are more overall fitness and you aren’t so concerned with max strength.
  • You are a strength athlete who has not ever deviated from lower rep training.
  • You are recovering from injury.
  • You want to give your body a break from the heavy stuff.

And above all, if you’re unsure then talk to your coach.


Wednesday, 4.3.19

First. For Strength
4 Hang Clean and Jerk (w/reset)
10 Rear Delt Raises
Complete 1 set every 4 minutes for 20 minutes

Then. For Conditioning.
1 Rope Pull AFAP + Rev. Return Drag
8 Elevated Pistol Squats
Max Tricep Banded Push Downs
200m Run

PHASE 1: No tests offered today