WED: Skaters for Side Butt

Plyo skaters are something that we see almost weekly, and at the very least, a few times per month.

–Lateral ballistic movement – all of our ballistic movements are typically performed moving forward or up (sagittal plane). This creates an entirely different demand on the body from a stability perspective.

–Glute Medius – as a result, you target the side butt muscles which are responsible for health in the low back and knee, and looking amazing.

–Balance and athleticism – general carryover to other movements such as single leg work and jumping.

It’s easy to gloss over these and go through the motions, but unless you are truly exploring how far you can bound on each jump, you won’t get much benefit at all. Take advantage of them no matter how goofy you might feel. Challenge your athleticism.


Wednesday, 3.13.19

First. 12’ E.M.O.M
w/a pal
A: 5 Devil’s Press
B: 10 Skaters

Then. For Conditioning
Max Bicep Curls
Rope Pull AFAP and Rev Return Drag
10 Sandbag Squats
100m Sprint (return walk)