WED: Belief Commands Behavior

In seven years at the wheel of the gym, I’ve seen thousands of people through our doors and hundreds of different outcomes for those individuals all along the spectrum.

I can tell you that the single biggest influence of outcome is attitude going in and what mental map your mind has planned for you.

You see, we are all walking, talking self fulfilling prophecies of our own projections, both favorable and not. The relationship between belief and behavior share very close ties, as our actions are typically a byproduct of the thoughts that precede them. If you project in your head that people will be unfriendly and judge you, then that’s the experience you will have. It will be the only lens in which you can see through, and you’ll have such a wall up that in fact, people will be unfriendly and they will judge you. You’ve expected it, nearly insisted on it. So it happens. You are fulfilling your own prophecy by allowing belief to predetermine behavior.

However, those who are hugely successful here fulfill another kind of prophecy. Excited and engaged from day one, the most successful people enter a training environment like ours without walls and predispositions or baseless prejudice against the environment. I am going to use new member Dawn as an example here. I think it was her first or second day at the gym. It was Halloween, and she came dressed up as a T-Rex. Now me, I know there is no way in hell I would have done that. I would have been too timid and shy. So I have such incredible respect for that. Since that day, she’s gone all in on those around her and I see her making friends, making progress, and having an incredibly positive experience here.

There’s no way to ensure a positive experience for everyone that walks through our doors. It’s a two-way street in which we do our best, but like any relationship, it takes two committed to the process. These are things we constantly discuss as a team to ensure that we allow rapport the chance to develop between us all.

Put a wall up and get a wall back. Be approachable, and get approached. My single biggest area of ongoing growth is the area in which I can most accurately speak to when it comes to human interaction.

We are what we put out into the world.


Wednesday, 12.27.17

First, for Strength.
Perform 1 set every 4 minutes for 20 minutes.
5 Dead Hang Chest to Bar Chin-Ups
5 Heavy Sandbag Squats
1 Rope Pull

Then, for Conditioning.
400m Run
Rest 3’
Record total time of all three rounds combined.