WED: Re-Calibrate Your Expectations

The issue for first timers is not laziness. It’s not a lack of motivation or any other version of intrinsic factors. No, the main reason that most new, and even longer tenured folks do not succeed at hitting the target goal is because their scope is not quite calibrated.

We’ll use the easy metaphor of running a marathon (of which I know nothing about it). I would imagine that when the starting gun goes off, you are not thinking about the last mile or even the twentieth. That would result in a loss of focus and attention on all of the wrong things, thinking about how much further you had to go, not where you are or what’s immediately in front of you.

Instead, I’d guess the better strategy would be to give yourself mental checkpoints. The first couple of miles, perhaps breaking the race down into a series of manageable 5Ks.

Let’s use this analogy to someone starting out at the gym. Back when I was on the coaching floor, I would never encourage new trials to join on any plan above two days per week. I did not want them to feel the pressures of attending more than that (certainly not everyday). If they felt pressure to attend daily, then surely they would see coming to the gym twice in a week as an “only twice” failure, rather than an “I made it twice” success.

An unlimited membership plan with twice weekly attendance leaves a fulfillment void, whereas a twice per week plan filled to the brim produces a feeling of mental satiety.

Same goes for performance goals. Strength goals. Speed goals. They occur like an IV drip in small doses, baby steps towards your final destination.

Put yourself in a position where victory is repeatable and contagious, not an insurmountable foe.

Re-calibrate. Go small. Win small.


Wednesday, 7.18.18

First. For Strength
5 Front Squats
6 5″ Negative Curls
Every 4’ for 20’ (x5)

Then For Conditioning w/a Pal
A1: 5 Hang Power Cleans
3 OTB Burpees
100m Run Sprint

A2: 3/s FR Rev Lunges
5 BB Push-Ups
15” Bike Sprint