WED: Quick Fixes for Greater Erg Efficiency

Erg rowing is a very complex animal. I liken it to weightlifting in the sense of its nuanced technique and how much the success is timing and tension oriented.

Here are some quick tips you might be able to cherry pick for better output and efficiency.

  1. Row to just below the chest line. When you row above it, you fatigue the traps. When you row beneath it, you get an incomplete stroke that requires you to do more than you need.
  2. Grip in the finger tips. Squeezing too hard can fatigue the forearms.
  3. Hold the outer handle. Narrow grip leads to flaring elbows.
  4. Try harder. Most new athletes don’t create nearly enough force on the chain.
  5. Keep a straight chain. Like weightlifting, a straight bar is an efficient bar.
  6. Watch your S/M. Strokes per minute in the upper right of the screen will tell you about your efficiency. If you get into the 30 s/m, it’s a good bet you’re rowing too much. Think more out of less strokes. It’s the rowing version of doggy paddle swimming.
  7. Don’t roll forward at the catch. The catch is the position near the screen where you finish a stroke and start a new one. Don’t roll your shoulders forward. Keep them packed for more power.

What else helps you guys? What do you find helpful?


Wednesday, 5.23.18

First, for Strength.
5 Back Squats @75%
4/s Seated Kb Front Rack Press
Every 4’ For 20’ (x5)

Then, for Conditioning
5 Hang Power Cleans
100m Run
5 Ring Dips
100m Run
5 Rotational MB Slams
100m Run