WED: P360 Turns 7, Come Celebrate

This year marks the first in many we didn’t pull a Frank the Tank and forget our own birthday. Our incredibly thankless social committee has put together a fun evening to celebrate ringing in our seventh year of business in San Diego. Join us this Saturday, April 21st at Backyard Kitchen at Tap at 3 pm to get loose.

In all seriousness, we cannot thank you guys enough for continuing to support our project. Seven years in any market is something. Seven years in the most competitive market on the planet is something else. We are so unbelievably lucky and fortunate to have struck perfect timing in a lot of ways, and we are just happy to ride the wave.

We have only you guys to thank for it. Here’s to many, many more together.

See you on the 21st. Official event page, here.


Wednesday, 4.18.18

First, for Conditioning.
3 x 6:1 Descending Reps.
A: Heavy BB Rows + Wall Balls
300m Run

B: Hell Trots + Floor Press (double reps)
400m Row

C: Double KB Swings + Burpees
20 Calorie Bike

To Finish:
12 Ham Curls
Barbell 21