WED: “One In, One Out”

There are club people and there are bar people.

Bar people find little gratification in waiting half an hour in line, in clothes they don’t want to wear, only to pay a cover and enter a place where drinks cost $17 and they can’t hear themselves talk.

Sorry club friends, but give me a beer and a backyard any day over that nonsense.

The thought of creating a fitness experience that resembled the club night out is the path that we continue to oppose. The bouncer being a $225 membership, and a highbrow attitude being the coach who opposes relatability in the hopes of superiority.

For me, the most successful cultures are those who let others chase the guise of quality perception, and instead pursue quality reality.

It’s very easy to throw an elitist price tag on your facility under the pretense of quality. One in, one out mantra works very well for some places. I suppose for the type of environment where simply being there is meant to feel like a reward? I prefer that we earn loyalty through experience provided, not just the facade of accomplishment by making it through a high barrier to entry.

Earning it everyday is our version of skin in the game. If we lose that, we lose our DNA.


Wednesday, 9.26.18

First. 8:1
A) 1 Broad Jump+Rope Slams + Wall Balls
Then, 300m Run

B) Goblet Lunge Jumps + KB/DB Archer Rows
Then, 300m Row

C) Plate GTOs + Double Hollow Rocks
Then, 20 Cal Assault Bike

Optional Finisher:
w/a bud
100 total V-Ups
Trade equal reps with partner until you reach 100