WED: Not All Weight Lifting is Weightlifting

When we talk about weightlifting at the gym, we’re not talking about weight lifting. Confusing, I know.

Weight lifting is simply anything done against an outside resistance. A dumbbell curl, a barbell row, heck an a weighted pull-up. It’s effective and rather all encompassing of an enormous larger family of productive movements.

Weightlifting is the pursuit of the Olympic lifts, as in, the lifts performed in the Olympics: The snatch and the clean and jerk. Weightlifting is an undertaking that carries with it a learning curve and an understanding that it’s refinement is going to take time. To become proficient in weightlifting, one must learn to use the body and muscle groups in proper sequence, and it’s expression at the highest level is an expression of the body flowing athletically, with coordination, timing, speed, power and strength.

When you come to the gym for weight lifting, you don’t have to give it a ton of thought. Load it up and move. However, when you come to the gym for weightlifting, precision and technique are essential. The timeline to become good at weightlifting is certainly longer and can be more intimidating, which is why we teach it to you in steps, not as a sum of the parts. Simply becoming average at weightlifting unlocks a ton of training benefit that no other group of movements can: Rapid activation of muscle fibers, explosive athleticism, strength, stability, and confidence.

Mastering weightlifting is typically a sign of an incredibly fit, strong, and capable person.


Wednesday, 12.12.18

First. 8’ E.M.O.M
5 Deadlifts @50%
5 Push Ups
5 Squat Jumps

Then. For Quality
DB Suitcase Squats
Sprinter Crunches (per side)
KB Front Rack Lunges
Ring Dips

800m Sprint
* Track Time.

PHASE 1: Row Test