WED: July 4th Workout

Happy America Day, ladies and gentlemen. To celebrate the 4th, we’re offering two high energy classes in PB, and one in OB.

PB: 8a, 9a @ P360 Crown Point
OB: 9a

Come get your sweat on, and then go celebrate however you best enjoy it.

Stay safe, and we’ll see you after the holiday.


Wednesday, 7.4.18

Teams of 5
A: 300m Row (or 20 Calorie Bike)
B: 6 Goblet Squats + 100m Run
C: 6 MB Slams + 20 Toe Taps
D: 6 Pull-Ups + 10 Hill Jumps
E: 5 Push-Ups + 10 RKB Swings

60” Plank