WED: I Got Nothin’

Today marks the first day this year that I sit down to write and have absolutely nothing. I am totally exhausted at this current moment, so rather than pump out something terrible for you guys, I am going to just tell you how appreciative I am for all of the help and support in our OB opening. The fact that it barely effects most of you, and so many have shown your support really means the world to us and to me. So thank you.

Be back tomorrow when my brain works better.


Wednesday, 3.28.18

First. For Strength.
5 Jerks @ 60-80%
3/s 3” Eccentric Low Side Plank Hip Kisses
Every 4′ for 16′

Then. For Conditioning.
As Fast As Possible maintaining position
20 H2H Swings
200m Run
20 Goblet Reverse Lunges
200m Run
10 Burpees
200m Run