WED: Hammer Time – Sasha & Lizzie

Today we conclude our recognition of our Top 5 highest attending members of 2018 with the following two ladies:

  • Sasha Jayewardene, 270 Classes – #2
  • Lizzie West, 270 Classes – #2

Sasha: “I enjoy constantly going to the gym because it quiets my stress, and helps my brain work more efficiently after.”

Reid: “Fitness helped me get my body back on track after Crohns Disease ran the show for awhile. Now the gym is my happy place and (like a crazy person) I look forward to going every morning.”

A very big all around congrats to our entire Top 5:

  1. Reid Corley
  2. Sasha & Lizzie
  3. Emily Willhoft
  4. Tyler DeLorme

We can’t wait to see who challenges them for a Hammer in 2019.

-The Team

Wednesday, 1.23.19

First. For Strength.
5 Deadlifts @60-80%
8 Tempo Push Ups (30×1)
*Every 5’ for 20’ (x4)

Then. For Conditioning.
DB Snatches
Max Bike Cal Sprint.
(15’ Cap)

PHASE 1: Optional SQUAT + ROW Test