WED: Halloween Fundraiser for Wade’s Army

Wade’s Army:

For every person that dresses up for Halloween, Performance360 will make a contribution to Wade’s Army. We’ll also have donation jars at each gym on Halloween.

Can’t attend??? Simply go to the link above to donate.

“Neuroblastoma represents approximately 7% of pediatric malignancies but it is responsible for 10-15% of childhood cancer-related mortality. Neuroblastoma is a tumor derived from immature nerve cells (originating from the neural crest)…A few decades or so ago Neuroblastoma was a death sentence. Now a cure is possible.” –

We hope to see a big turnout and a lot of funds raised for a great cause.


Wednesday, 10.17.18

First. For Strength
5 Deadlifts @70-80%
30”/s 1-Arm High Plank
Complete 1 set every 5′ for 25′

Then. For Conditioning
Goblet Squats
Hollow Rocks
100m Run


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