WED: When You “Hack”, You Skip Success Opportunities

I understand that people want to work less these days. Call it whatever you want, or a get off my lawn mentality (which I most certainly have), but any sort of hack or packaged up condensed time frame is skirting the real work.

I am not talking about efficiency. I am talking about hopping in a cab during a marathon and saying that you ran it. If you plan to create a successful small business using the four hour work week, then good on ya. You’re a lot smarter than I am. But for us, I know that hard work, not tactics got us where we are today.

The reason that shortcuts and hacks suck is because it takes away so many opportunities to be successful. And since we know that success begets more success, it’s like we stick our hand in front of the dominoes just as a few of them start to fall.

Failure gets all the credit for being a great teaching tool. It’s trendy to tell people to fail often and embrace the learning that comes with it. I do agree with that statement, I have learned a lot in my unsuccessful attempts, however, I disagree that you should embrace failing multiple times. I happen to disagree with that entirely, in fact. Maybe I am just a weak minded person, but when I fail, I personally lose confidence. Sure, I keep going but it takes me a while to regain the confident mindset I had prior to failing, so I’d rather avoid it altogether if I can.

When we hack, it’s like setting up sloppy dominoes. One or two fall, but then you have to start over. I like to take things much slower getting that first domino to fall because I know once that first one falls, the rest are coming down quickly.


Wednesday, 1.31.18

Complete the following PPB for time. Measure against your Week 1 benchmark. 

Aerobic Power 3 (AP 3)
500m Row

5/s Front Rack Reverse Lunges (115#/75#)
6/3 Pull-Ups

300m Run

15 RKB Swings (53#/35#)
15 BW Squats

800m Run