WED: Enrollment Closing Today for 2018…and Thank You

When we started the Academy, we had no clue if anyone would register for it. It was the single most nerve wracking thing I’ve ever done. I specifically remember talking to Pritz about an exit strategy in case no one signed up, and how long we’d keep enrollment open before admitting it to be a failure.

In the first hour, Rodrigo from Brazil signed up. Booked his flight and accommodations. Game fuckin’ on. It went on to enroll over 20, and since then, we’ve seen more coaches and those aspiring at every Academy weekend that’s followed. We are grateful where it is after just one year, and are excited at where it’s going.

Thank you guys for allowing us the bi-annual opportunity to teach and celebrate our coaching principles.

The outright, straightforward promotion of something is not comfortable for us. We don’t enjoy taking the limelight away from why we’re all really here, we don’t (and never will) enjoy “link in bio”, and the distraction from celebration of member achievement.

However, this mission is extremely important to us, and it’s an arena in which we are greatly passionate. Coaching matters. The experience of the person doing fitness matters, and the responsibility for the person providing it must be taken seriously. Years ago when we opened, we vowed that we would never be the gym that emcee’d a workout. We would coach it. Dirty and sweaty at the end of a block, usually with more questions for ourselves after two hours of coaching than answers.

That’s how the pursuit continues for us. We lead, we observe, and then we react to what we don’t know.

This Academy represents all that we have studied, learned, and what we believe in. It is the future for how we ensure our own standard of Coach at this gym is met, and how we will expand that standard outside our four walls to like minded coaches only.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity.

Enrollment for this weekend, and 2018, closes today.


Wednesday, 11.7.18

First. For Structure.
8 Overhand BB Rows
5 Box Jumps
8 Hollow Rocks
Complete 4 sets in 15 minutes.

Then. For Conditioning.
w/a Partner
A1: 10 Renegade Rows + 10 Lateral Plate Hops +6 Cal Bike
A2: 8 Plate GTOs + 8 Plyo Skaters + 100m Run
B: Rest