WED: Dips for Internal Torque

The concept of torque is a one we have revisited many times since we first introduced it to the gym last December. To be honest, it’s probably one of the more important concepts to understand when it comes to functional fitness, and dosing of torque on the body plays an integral part in not just our performance, but our health.

It’s very important that we are exposed to as much intentional internal torque training as possible to counter the more dominant external torque based barbell movements.

Today is a good example of how we can sneak IT work into the day simply by manipulating the position of our body and the way we think about muscle activation.

Dips can be performed either in IT or in ET.  In order to create IT on the ring dips, focus on the following:

  • Perform the movement in a hollow position and “load” the pecs, not the shoulders. (Do not puff the chest forward and arch the back. The back should be almost rounded.)
  • Look straight down at the floor beneath you throughout the movement to stay engaged. (Drive your chin into your sternum.)
  • Toes together, pointed straight down. Do not bend the legs. (If your strength levels require the legs be bent to accommodate band use, you can get away with it so long as 1 and 2 are dialed in.)

To perform a dip the opposite manner is not incorrect, it’s just a different channel of torque, but one that I personally find far less beneficial and productive.

Also…a note on pecs for women. I know that when we talk about training the pecs in a walkthrough, we probably lose the entire female population. Don’t think about this language like we’re talking about blowing them up like Arnold. The pectoralis major and minor are muscles like the rest of the body, and as such, if they aren’t trained they will create dysfunction in the entire chain around them. So, think about “pec work” when it comes to IT work not as inflated muscle growth, but as muscle activation that plays a non-negotiable role in keeping your shoulders healthy.

Toy around with the technique points above today and let your coaches know how you feel.


Wednesday, 4.4.18

First, for Structure.
10 Ring Dips
10 Sandbag Squats
Complete 3 sets in 12 min.

Then, for PPB
Aerobic Power 1
30/15 Pull-Ups
100m Run
30 Goblet Squat Cleans (44#/26#)
100m Run
30 H2H Swings (44#/26#)
100m Run
30 Goblet Reverse Lunge (44#/26#)
100m Run
1 Mile Run/KOTH