WED: BLOCK 1 Club Inductees

A very big congratulations to the folks who pursued some big goals this past cycle in BLOCK 1.

Ocean Beach

Level 1 Club Inductees
Cali Spaulding, Row Club
Katie Musgrave, Row Club
Brian Annen, Row Club
Chris Healy, Row Club

Level 2 Inductees
Wes Carlin, Row Club
Michael Smoker, Row Club
Brian Annen, Barbell Club

Level 3 Club Inductees
Brian Bishop, Row Club
Liz Kolberstein, Row Club
Brooke Reams, Row Club

Pacific Beach

Level 1 Club Inductees
Shannon Cox, Row
Cali Spaulding, Row
Brook Laird, Row
RJ Shanks, Barbell
Rachel Stepchew, Row
Carolyn Tansey, Row
Emily Willhoft, Row
Matt Gannon, Prison Yard

Level 2 Club Inductees
Jonathan Race, Row
Tara Monsod, Barbell
Connor Kuehnle, Row
Tim Spencer, Row
Ryan Gyertich, Row
Chris Hill, Row
Liz Jenkins, Barbell
Carson West, Barbell
Addie Green, Barbell

Level 3 Club Inductees
Abby May, Row
Kelly Denimarck, Row
Carson West, Row
Sean Sudol, Row
Lindsay Baumoel, Barbell
Level 4 Club Inductees
Lauren Simmons, Barbell

We can’t wait to see who emerges in BLOCK 2.

-The Team

Wednesday, 2.20.19

For, for 4 Sets.
60m DB Farmer Carry

Then, for 4 Rounds
3/s ½ Kneeling LM Press
6 KB Sumo Deadlifts
10 DB Hollow Taps

Then. For Tracking.
800m Sprint.