WED: “Behind the Whiteboard” — Why Performance?

A reminder that this Friday, we have our 6th annual P360 Friendsgiving Potluck. 7pm at Crown Point. In addition, we are currently in our food drive from now until Monday at all 3 gyms. 

There are a few primary objectives when it comes to fitness. First among them is to drive physical adaptation. We want to apply stress to the body so that it must adapt, and create change in both appearance and ability.


In this realm, we can drive change using a number of tools. We can go running. We can do boot camps. We can strength train. We can bodybuild. The list is almost infinite. People like to huff and puff and claim their technical superiority when it comes to fitness.


Most things are all good. And in that aspect, you do you.

For us, there is a secondary objective when it comes to fitness. Mental adaptation. We want to apply stress to tasks and the perception of our own ability so that we must adapt, and create change in our level of confidence, self esteem, and assuredness as living humans. We want to be genuinely capable.

Now, things get interesting. Adding this element reduces the pool of available fitness tools, in our humble opinion, because not all fitness systems can yield this secondary benefit like a focus on our performance.

In fact, in our world, mental adaptation is our primary objective. The physical adaptation that takes place happens to be a wonderful side effect of a consistent focus on what you can do. Little, teeny tiny small wins that begin to add up and take form into a different physical version of yourself.

The physical adaptation it yields is result of consistently training multi joint, compound movements that load the spine, loads encouraged at 60% and above, a focused effort on our conditioning, and the thoughtful exploration of what we can achieve on a daily basis, not what we look like.

For us, there is no better way to produce capable humans than through encouraging performance.

Perform to your best ability, and the rest of what you want out how you look, feel, and engage the world will fall into place.


Wednesday, 11.14.18

First. For Structure.
8 Pull-Ups
3 Broad Jumps for max distance
Complete 3 – 4 rounds in 12 minutes.

Then. For Conditioning in Teams of 4.
A: 300m Row/300m Run
B: 10 SB Squats
C: 60m Bear Crawl
D: Alt. TGU